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Jesus of Nazareth

A Timeless Recitation about The Christ

Presented by Ken Raggio

To many people, Jesus Christ is only a grand subject for a painting,
a heroic theme for a poem,
a beautiful form for a statue,
or a good thought for a song.

But to those of us who have heard His voice,
who have felt His power, and have received His pardon,
He is music, light, warmth, joy, hope and salvation.

Jesus is a friend who never forsakes,
lifting you up when others try to push you down.
We cannot wear him out.
We pile on him all of our griefs and troubles,
but He is always ready to help us.

He addresses us with the same love.
He beams upon us with the same smile.
He pities us with the same compassion.

Who like Jesus can make a drunkard sober,
or illuminate a cemetery plowed with graves,
or make a queen unto God of a lost woman of the streets,
or snatch the tears of human sorrow in His bowl?

Who like Jesus can kiss away misery,
mend a broken heart, pity a homeless orphan,
welcome a prodigal son back home?

The name of Jesus throbs with all life,
weeps with all pathos,
groans with all pain, stoops with all love,
and breathes laden with perfume.

We struggle with metaphors with which to express Him.

Is he like the bursting forth of an orchestra?
No, that is too loud and might be out of tune!
Is he like the sea when lashed into rage by a storm?
No, that is too boisterous!
Is he like a mountain wreathed with lightning and canopied with snow?
No, that is too solitary and remote!

Jesus is the Lily of the Valley,
the Rose of Sharon,
and a gale of sweet spices swept from Heaven.

He is an oasis in the desert, a path in the wilderness,
the light of eternity.

He is the wisdom of Solomon,
the strength of Sampson,
and the shine on Moses face.
He is the love of John,
the devotion of Samuel,
and the meekness of Moses.

He is the patience of Job,
the holiness of Paul,
and the power of Peter.
He is Daniel's deliverer,
Israel's angel,
and the fourth man in the fiery furnace.

He is the humility of Stephen,
the boldness of Elijah,
and the live coal that touched the lips of Isaiah.
He is the obedience of Gideon,
the bravery of Joshua,
and the stone in David's sling.

He is bread for the hungry,
clothes for the naked,
and a path for the blind.

Oh, this Jesus of Nazareth!

He came from the heart of the Father to a virgin girl.
He put on humanity that we might put on divinity.
He became the son of Man that we might become the sons of God.
He laid off His royal robes for the gown of a peasant.

He was born contrary to the laws of nature,
lived in poverty, and was reared in obscurity.
He had no wealth, no influence, no formal training or education,

But in infancy, he startled a king.
In boyhood, he puzzled the doctors.
In manhood, he ruled the course of nature.
He commanded the sea to sleep.

He never wrote a book,
yet more books are written about him than any other man.
He never wrote a song,
yet there are more authors writing songs about him than any other person.

He never outlined a sermon,
yet he has has more masterpieces and more sermons than any other preacher.
He never founded a college,
yet he has more students studying His laws than any other university.

He never marshalled an army,
yet there are more soldiers that would fight for him than any other man.
He never practiced medicine,
yet one mouthful of spit upon the blind man's eyes has more healing remedy
than all the physician's medicines in the world.

He never opened an office, never established a budget,
never designed a letterhead, never built a church building.
He set up no financial structures, He left with no fanfare,
and He gave no specific date for His return,
But there are more people looking for him to come back than any other man.

OH! Jesus!

He is the Lamb of Zooology.
He is the Rock of Geology.
He is the Star of Astronomy.
The Head of Biology, the Flower of Botany,
the Public Relations man of Sociology,
and the Psychologist of Psychology.

Jesus of Nazareth.

There is no name like HIS!
It is more imperial than Caesars, more conquering than Napolean,
more eloquent than Demosthenes,
more musical than Beethoven, more inspiring than Washington,
and more patient than Lincoln.

Oh Jesus of Nazareth!

In Genesis, He's the Creator; Exodus, the I AM;
Numbers, the Rock; Leviticus, the High priest;
Deuteronomy, the Holy One of Israel.
In Judges, He's the Law-giver;
in Joshua, the Captain of the Lord's host,
in Samuel, the Prophet, in Kings, the King.

In Nehemiah, He's the Builder; Job, the Redeemer;
Psalms, the Anointed One; Ecclesiastes, the Preacher.
In Isaiah, He's the Prince of Peace;
Jeremiah, the Branch; Ezekiel, the Shepherd;
Hosea, the Healer; Micah the Ruler; Haggai, the Desire of all Nations;
in Malachi, the Son of Righteousness.

In the four gospels, He is Deity Robed in Flesh,
and the Savior of Sinners.
In the Acts of the Apostles, he is the founder of the infant church.
In the epistles, He is the Head of the Body.
In Revelation, he is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,
the vision of John, the coming King, the Bright and the Morning Star,
and the Great Judge of all men.

OH! Jesus of Nazareth!

Author Unknown
Recorded by David Walker, ca 1958
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