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Here is a SAMPLING of the mail that comes daily to

Your website is such a blessing. The spiritual wealth that is there is like having access to Bill Gates' bank account in the natural. I thank God for the grace that he has given you, which has enabled you to accumulate such spiritual wealth. GREATER THAN THAT: God has given you a heart and a willing mind to share this with others. I want to encourage you to continue the great work that you are doing. I enjoy the Bible studies and the resources that you have made available to us. Thanks for all that you are doing and all that you have done. You are in my prayers and I request that you include me in your prayers.

Pastor Moses Hightower

Thanks a lot, mighty man of God. You are blessing me each and every day and my spiritual life is growing from one level of the Glory to another. KEEP IT UP.

Lawrence Terrence

Hello Pastor Ken,
Your daily Bible study is a blessing to us. Continue with the good job. I am a church leader and I feel your daily teachings must be printed bound and distributed to the entire church members to study as well.
Nyamora N Samson

Dear Mr. Raggio,
Your website has been a tremendous help to my personal study of many Bible subjects, and especially endtimes related subjects. We appreciate your ideas and any advice. Thank you. Your website is a wealth of help to me personally. Kind regards in Jesus' service,
Barry Robinette, Living Waters Church, Healesville, Victoria, Australia

Dear brother in Christ,
Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your mail and prayers and Bible material. We preach to People Whoever listened they are very happy and sent geets to you. This material is good, but my mother tongue is TELUGU in ANDHRA PRADESH in INDIA. Some pastors are asking for this material in TELUGU languege. If possible please help and co-operative us Telugu. My stae is HUNDUS country. Please keep in your daily prayers. We are praying for you, your good health, good ministry and your family and also co-team.
Your brother in christ,

I sure like this one, “The Outrageous Claims of Evolutionism.”


Hello Ken,
I am part of an email group and we send stuff back and forth and one from our group found something you wrote that was very enlightening. We are very much interested in what you have to say. I have been reading your stuff and as of yet I have not found anything I disagree with or even debate. Thank You.

Roxanne B.

Wow what a website! I cannot tell you how glad I am to find this. I feel like I have struck gold! Thank you for the website. Probably the best I've seen so far. From what I can tell, you've got it all right!


Thank you so much for such a wonderful blessing of words. I really enjoyed this message. Subscribing to your message service was this best thing I could have done. Seeing your messages today really kept me focused. Thank you.

Derrick G.
NATO School, Germany

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate these Bible studies. I look forward to them everyday. It is my favorite email of the day every day! Most the times they are short and I learn something from everyone of them. I enjoy the long ones you throw in every now and then just as well!

May the God of the universe and heavens bless you abundantly for what you are doing in Jesus name amen...

Tami S. CBS Network Operations

Dumelang ka lebitso lele maatla la Morena Mmoloki wa rona JESU KERESETE. In English, Greetings to you in the Mighty Name of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST and our Saviour. I really thank you for ya teachings as they are lifting my spiritual life from good to better. I thank GOD for ya BIBLE STUDY. May the GOOD LORD continue to use you in spreading HIS WORD. I LOVE YOU.

I am LAWRENCE TERRENCE THOMAS living in the capital city of Botswana, called Gaborone, the southern part of AFRICA.

It was as though God had just lead me right to your site today. I praise Him for that. Thank you for your site. I intend to look on it often, as I am studying for credentials as an evangelist. I will keep you in prayer, as I see too that you are in the truth. Praise God. God bless.
Sister Carol Smith

Mr. Ken Raggio
Thank You very much for sending me the daily Bible study material. I am so blessed by it as it helped me so much in having new topics for my home fellowship members. I pray that God will continue to prosper you and your ministry.

God Bless You
William Bali Usut
Limbang, Sarawak, Malaysia

Praise The Lord Pastor,
I am absolutely happy to send you my heartfelt greetings. I feel as if my feet are not touching the ground because of what I have received from you and to crown it all the wonderful beautiful and uplifting conversion in the word of your website. I was so touched and I really embrace your life changing website I have read it and it has indeed convicted my heart and a burden has been laid in me until I have been forced through the grace of the Lord to write to you, thank and encourage you for what the Lord is using you for. I will never cease to pray for you and I wish you were here to help us grow to the stature of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are on our knees praying for you so that you may assist us to know more about the riches of Christ in Heaven. You are needed brother. You really have what we need for our spiritual growth. Our congregation group here is very happy in the Lord through your teachings from the website that I usually use to teach them and that they desire more spiritual teachings from you please for we are called to open our arms to the world and bring the unchurched to Christ, God is also calling us to grow in faith and grow in numbers as we serve all of God's people in Jesus's name. Till I hear from you may peace of the Lord be with you. Peace and blessings.

Yours Co-laborer in Christ,
Bishop Peter Ayuma Choti

I have been greatly blessed by your prophecy teachings and article on love. God bless you richly as you are faithful to His calling on your life. Ephesians 3:20

Tony Freese

Dear Brother Ken,
Thank you for your daily messages. May our Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Bro. David Lewandowski

Dear Elder Raggio:
A friend gave me your e-mail address to subscribe to your Home Bible Studies. I want you to know how much I appreciate the things I have read. I do enjoy your teaching it is very informative. I have made a folder and keep all your teaching and preaching for future study and reference. The prayer thoughts are so powerful. I know you put many hours and endless energy into your website. Only God can reward you. I do hope and pray there are many souls come to the Lord by your efforts.

David Dixson

Dear Ken,
Your articles and Bible studies were very helpful and a blessing for me. Thank you. May God bless you.

Bernard Sungte

Hi Ken,
I want to commend you on your great works, and God Bless you for being so faithful to him, and for studying and working so hard to get the good word out to many people as well as the information that we need to know to help us through the end times. This is just what I have been looking for. I am very curious and analytical, and have been wanting books of the Bible such as Daniel and Revelation explained, what with the seals, trumpets, etc. I have been up almost all night reading and writing down notes! Thank you for everything.

God Bless,
Pamela H

I would like to see your Bible study appear in our local newspaper.

Bobby Y

Greeting in Jesus Name
I really enjoyed your article on the rapture. I have shared this with a lot of people. This is everything I have studied and the article is awesome the way you put the Word together. I very much believe in studying to show ourselves approved...not just because it was preached to me. I want to know the truth by the Word being rightly divided. I look forward to reading your other articles.

Fairley B

Your sermons are very informative.

Nikka A

Praise the Lord Ken,
Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading a lot of your articles. I go to a church in central Ohio and I want to do a work for God and the more I know the better off I am prepared and things. I thank you for your daily Bible Studies. You can always send things to me if you would like. God bless and take care,

Kyle D

Thank you so much for the Bible Study. It has helped me take hold of hope again. You are an awesome preacher, singer and pianist. I enjoy your ministry. You are truly a blessing.

Sis. B

I have enjoyed reading your messages. I found that your article on the 4 horsemen was inspired and I missed the fact that the 4th horse was green in the Greek (I don't use it much). May Jesus bless you richly in HIS KNOWLEDGE and GRACE. I'm still reading the articles that are posted on your website. Keep on keeping Jesus first and I hope to see you when we get HOME.

Your Brother in Christ,

Bro. Raggio.
You have an awesome website; and really good Bible study material; I really appreciate that. I really like how you go into prophecy and how you use all the examples and references in the Bible to back your claims; that's really good. I never had an understanding of what the Koran was about or what it said; but you really studied that out for us and did your research - thank you so much for sharing the truth; I like sharing truth - of God.

Keep up the good work!! I will share your site and the teachings with everybody; I've already shared it with one of my co-workers - we work for the City of Houston. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Stana M

Thanks Brother I appreciate your ministry. I have always enjoyed your sermons and find them very useful in building sermons to preach. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Pastor Larry Gammons

Dear Bro. Raggio,
Your prophecy articles on your website have been a very helpful resource. Thank you for your input regarding these matters--I really respect you as a minister and authority of end-time events. Thanks!

Lord bless you,
Erin P

Dear Ken,
Yours is the best article that I have ever read anywhere on this topic. I found your article when researching for articles on that subject. I will be making a public address in San Francisco come Spring re: the dangers of one world government types like Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. I will be taking copies of your article to circulate among the attendees.

God bless you,
Judi McCleod
Editor, Canada Free Press

Bro. Ken,
Thank you for your Bible studies. They are truly a blessing.

In Jesus,
Bro. Robert Glenn

Dear Ken:
Thank you for your newsletters and Bible studies. I am 67 years old and enjoy them much, I am studying the end time events a lot to be able to help some believers in this Generation. I gave my heart to the Lord in 1964 and traveled the USA and the Caribbean. I have made 5 tents for the Lord in that time. I love what you are doing on the internet, it is very much needed. I do appreciate your emails.

from Paul Temple

Dear Ken:
I just discovered your web site. I am visually-impaired, a minister of music, and the pianist at my church. I say that to let you know how the net has opened new doors for me, and sites like yours are a refreshing and renewing source of intellect. I was having questions about other issues concerning Christianity, and being the inquisitive sort, I embarked on researching those other issues, which led me to the point I am now. My prayers are with your ministry.

Your sister in Christ,

Dear Ken,
I came across your 7 Trumpets presentation the other day. Very nice. I too have seen the EXACT same things and have been preaching on them prolifically since the 1980's. God Bless and thanks for your time.

Pastor Carl Gallups
Milton, Florida

Hello Bro. Ken,
I’m a new pastor for a church here in Kalispell, Montana. I wanted to thank you for preaching that message called “sincerely wrong”. It has been one of my all time favorites. I was excited to find your website and will be gleaning from your teachings. Thanks again Bro. Ken for your ministry.

God bless you!
Bro. Lee Wild

Glory to God and his dear Son, Jesus Christ. I found your Website by Search Engine, and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Allan Svensson

Hi Ken,
I recently found your website and have been reading many of your prophecy articles posted there. I think you are doing a good job. Thanks.

Your brother in Christ,
Marty from Indiana

I just read one of your fascinating articles. It provokes a lot of thought!

Richard LaPoint

Thank you for helping me and others like me to understand what will happen in the end of our time as we know it, and to try and be prepared for what is coming. I hope and pray I'll be ready and chosen. Thanks again for caring and trying to help us. May God bless you.

Rick Y.

Praise The Lord,
I thank God for you. The Bible study that you e-mail me everyday has been a mega blessing and is teaching me a lot of things about the Word of God.

Franzisca N.

This is my Family photos. I have only one wife and three children. Please continue to pray for us as we are striving for the truth in India.

Yours brother
Isaac E. Kusuma

God bless you and thank you for this wonderful gift of knowledge! I also agree with your rapture view as well. I consider myself a student of end time events. If I could get more studies on these such teachings that would be great!

Joseph C.

Thanks Ken,
Keep up the good work. I have enough material from your site to keep e-mailing my friends--all accurate and to the point, and i am proud to share what you have presented

Dear Ken,
I am age 25. I am very interested in reading Bible and knowing many things about Bible so please send me lessons about the Revelation so that I can gain knowledge about Bible.

Yours spiritual son,
Vara Prasad

Hi Ken,
In looking at your website, I found the articles that you've written very interesting. It made me realize that the awareness in regards to prophecy is important so that we are not ignorant of the "signs of the times" and all that pertains to it. I actually never saw the importance of some things, but after reading your articles, my view is somewhat different. Also, I must compliment you on your essay about Love. It was very impressive. Only someone who truly loves or has loved would be able to write so passionately.

Sindi E

Dear beloved Saint of our Almighty God Pastor Ken Raggio,
My main concern is just to say that I was very blessed this last year because of the inspirational and blessing Sermons I received from you. Indeed God is working in you for giving his Gospel to everyone in all of the world.
I say thank you and pray to God to increase your endeavor in his Ministry.
I am just thirst and hungry for the Weekly Sermons. Hope this will be available. May you have success and courage to face challenges in this coming year and that God bless you so much more and more.

Yours in Christ
Luanda, Angola

Praise the Lord!
I would like to extend my gratitude to your spiritual assistance on my ministry here in the Philippines, I am so encourage with the sermon you have sending me, I preach it also in my church. Thank you, Thank you...

Yours in Christ,
Bro Nikko Abia

My prayers are with you Pastor Raggio. You have provided many articles in the past that have been very valuable to me since I first came across your online ministry as a 16yr old in 1996.

Nicholas Myers (Evangelist)
Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic)
London, England

Thank you for your messages “Essay about Love” and “Greater Works”

Nicky Ng Weng Wah

Praise the Lord!
We feel this in His Spirit so strong so we send this to you. All the leaders and every person in every church or meeting place should be involved in prayer every day. We believe God will change the hearts of many Vietnamese. The His Spirit is moving strongly and guide many Christians in Vietnam. God is opening a wide door in Vietnam a communist country, for western people to invest physically and spiritually in it. Amen!

Bible Believers Fellowship,
PASTORS: Nam, Phuc, Cu, Trung

Pastor Ken Raggio,
Thanks for the wonderful message. This message encourage me a lot. My family is happy for the Bible Studies. I hope one day you would come to Quito - Ecuador. My family send Hello to you. My family is: my wife, Veronica - my son, Diego, 7 years old - my daughter, Catalina, 12 year old.

Greetings from Ecuador

Thanks for the messages you have been sending me which I have really benefitted from. I am from Kenya and will be visiting your church by email/internet i.e. by logging onto your website. May God's peace and tranquility reign in your life and ministry.
thanks again.

Samoel Khamadi

Dear Pastor Ken,
Greetings in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I read your sermons weekly and am blessed by it. I have been pastoring in an area in Malaysia for the last 7 years and we have a definite call to move to a bigger city up north where there is no church. Our prayers are with you and we covet your prayers too.

Pastor Samuel

Dear Pastor Ken Raggio,
Greeting's to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much, to your Most Powerful message (Spirit of the Father) that you have sent to me. I was touch so much because since in my childhood as son I feel in my heart that I really lack and I experience rejected of my family and because my father was now in the Lord we grow without experience the care and Love of my Father. but the Lord is very Good because now I am already married and I have two kids I feel the part of a father. Thank you very much.

It is me desire that some day if God's will open your way to our nation Philippines we can talk personally because I feel something in my heart in every messages that you have sent to me.

Thank you and God bless you.
Pastor Ernie B. Matulac

Hello Sir,
Ken Raggio.
I would like to greet you Pastor Ken, in the Wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sir, I'm so glad that you are used of God for this ministry, and I appreciate your kindness to me. Now I’m downloading your Bible Study Guidelines to my email address. I’m so excited to teach this, but I believe that growing in the ministry is a life process, so as a 30 year old pastor, and pioneer also, I’m looking for an idea, a testimony in the ministry from you. My name is Robert Lachica, I live here in the Philippines. My Church is a Pentecostal church - New Jerusalem Outreach. I’m looking for teaching materials that I may use in the ministry, in terms of adult level, and of course in Leadership principles book. Thank you, Pastor Ken, for your emails.

Your Coworker in CHRIST
Pastor Robert R. Lachica

Dear Pastor
Greetings in Jesus name. This is the minister of the Word of God Pastor Japheth Kimathi from Africa- Kenya. We are happy to write for you at this time. We thank God for what your doing to the kingdom of God. I went through your Website and God ministerd to me through your web that has make me to thank God for you. So it is the prayer of my heart to welcome you in our nation Kenya to minister the word of God. We are ready for you and we can make for you some meeting you will want to do so pray for that and see if God will lead you tell as, so that we can make the meeting for you. Thanks and God bless you so much, we expect to hear from you soon.

Yours Faithfully
Pastor Japheth Kimathi And Monicah
Arise and Shine Worship Center

Respected Brother, Greeting in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, We are maintaining a church and running a national organization here in Pakistan. We would like you to cooperate with us to glorify the name of the Lord together for spreading the gospel to the world. Please take your time and Give us chance for Serving God in Pakistan and give your Experience and Teaching to the People Of Pakistan. We can arrange Programe as soon as you are willing to come. Dear Brother We can arrange your accommodation. Dear Brother when you are ready to come, it would be our Privilege to have your Presence. God Bless You.


Evangelist Nadem Ghouri
Sialkot, Pakistan

Dear Brother in Christ,
Greetings with grateful and joyful heart in matchless name of Jesus and I would like to tell you that I am an evangelist and I am living in Pakistan. I founded your site by search engine I request to you that you send me your Ministry Schedule and other information for the glory of God. Do you think I can be your right hand for the spread of Lord Jesus Christ in pagan Communities? I will reply you ASAP! May Lord Bless you and always keep you own powerful and outstreatch hands.

God's Servant.
Evangelist Amir Anwar

We give you An Invitation in Pakistan in this year that you may know to our Gospel work in Pakistan. We can arrange some meeting of you so this will be blessing and proud that you will give us with time and visit to us in this year. Yes brother Ken we also have vision for Afghanistan, our Neighbor country and want to do the Gospel work we can reach to easy in this land. So please contact with our Church if you want to do the Ministries in Afghanistan. We are looking forward your blissful reply.

Yours truly,
Pastor Mubarik Masih
Great Commission Evangelistic Church
Pakistan and Afghanistan

Dear Pastor Raggio,
I am a former Hindu pastoring a House Church. Most members are indigent, previously disadvantaged and marginalized community from the Apartheid era. We are fighting against much false doctrine that is gaining much support in our city and country. We humbly request your teaching material (the Prophecy Series) to use in our Bible Study and prepare for an upcoming seminar to educate other believers on the truth of God's word concerning the future events in Bible prophecy. YOURS AND HIS SERVANT,

Pastor Bobby Rungasamy
South Africa

Dear Brother Ken,
Please pray for Kenya, mercy and a torch from our Lord to the both sides of our leaders who are settling down the problem. That has left many without parents, homes, house, land, food, clothes and moms have been raped and also children starving both of having no clean water for drinking. We are praying you give us your sincere love and heart of praying to save our country. Also Brother Ken we are asking that you consider affiliating us in your ministry and send us your teaching materials and also come one time and teach us of the word of God. Hope you will consider praying for us.

Yours in Him,
Pastor Moses

Dear bold, beautiful, ken raggio ministries:
thank you for your life saving web site. I have spent hours and hours on the articles. I have been a bible student since i was a child. What i have studied over the past several years has been shown to be accurate with what you now teach. There are so many voices which claim to interpret so much error. I also gave up. so, with some printing i took off your website i took it to bed last night to read and study the bible to see if these scriptures made any sense and the did.

the churches are not talking about prophecy anymore. everyone is so fearful and full of panic. no one has a bible study about what is going on right under our nose. they are wonderful people, but are too fearful to say anything, it might cause a riot! I am starting a bible study in my own home and we will hopefully be using your dvd's and your detailed descriptions of scripture as our guide, not because you are a know it all, but the information sure looks accurate.

please pray that this will be done in love and understanding of the full meaning of scripture. That it will open people's eyes.

I am an RN. Please pray that i may be able to go forward with teaching bible studies. We pray for you and your entire ministry, because we are getting more and more of the truth as found in Father's Word.

Suzi F
Colorado Springs

Dear Pastor Raggio,
Praise the Lord and greetings in Jesus Name. It’s some time since I last heard from you. I did enjoy the heart searching and soul stirring messages you send to me. They have been a blessing to countless hungry souls. These are urgent messages that are needed in the churches in these end times. I would me most grateful if you would pray for me. I desperately need a mighty rebaptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. It would be nice if in the will of the Lord you could visit the UK. I gave your web address to my Pastor. He is the General Superintendent of the church in England. God bless, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Ignatius Rodrigues
United Kingdom

Dear Pastor,
I'm a young Muslim of Niger converted to Christianity since 1999 and I'm opportune to attend a UPCI Bible School in Lomé ( Togo ) and by the grace of God I will graduate ending next May. As I have to report on the ONENESS OF GOD I was doing some researches on the internet when I came across your website and found some articles on the subject. So I decided to write you to know if I can get some of your books in French because we speak French in Niger.

After my graduation I would like to serve the Lord in my country as pastor and also ministering to the students in schools and University. According to the statistics Niger is 99% Islamic but we are witnessing some conversions to Christianity these years.

I wish to meet you some day. Thanks.
Frère Amadou
Niger, Africa

I would like to extend my thankfulness to your very inspiring sermon, that you have send me, this will mean a lot on my ministry, more power to your ministry and God bless you more! Thank you very much! Also to your sermon I have been using it in my church! More power to your ministry!
God bless you more!

Respectfully yours,
Pastor Nikko Abia
Tacloban City, Philippines

Dear Pastor Ken Raggio,
Praise the all saving Name of the Lord Jesus, We are praying for you, the Lord told us that this year is a year of great blessing for the church in Vietnam! We submit the following report about the status of God's work in Southern Vietnam. We know the Lord will be with us, and we will continue to pray for the will of God to be done. The Lord knows and opens doors that no man can shut.
We are keeping you in our prayers.

Nam and team

First of all Sir, I would like to greet you, through the wonderful name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. I am Bro Robert Lachica, from Philippines. I appreciate your teaching so much, that God gives me a better hope through his word. I’m a graduate in (ACTS) Bible school here in the Philippines. Now I will help my local church, for GOD activities, if God permitted to lunch someday, your teaching that you share to me, it is a big treasure for me. I would like to glorify our God, that he call a pastor that a unique talents, Thanks be to GOD. Your servant in Christ,

Bro. Robert Lachica, U.P.C Philippines

…Well keep up the articles. They are enlightening

Hans Heinrich, EU

I've just learned of your webpage through a dear friend and have signed up for studies. I am the editor of our church monthly newsletter and would like permission to sometimes use some excerpts of your work for our newsletter, if I may?

Willie W

I just wanted to Thank you for your web site. It helped me so much. I am a christian and I needed all the information from the bible about certain things to witness to my friends. I know that this is in the Bible, but it takes a long time to find it all my self. You did it for me. Thanks again and may the Lord bless you and open your eyes more and more in the wisdom of His word.
I live in Tennessee, moved here from New York last year. But originally moved here from U.S.S.R. (Ukraine). We are strong believers in the Bible and we read it as is. We don't pick and choose. My father and father-in-law were both imprisoned in the USSR for Christianity.

Thank you,

Dear Brother Ken in Christ,
Greetings to you and to your family!
We are very happy to come to know that you are preaching the Apostolic gospel. We have also been preaching the same gospel for the past twenty years in the Southern parts of India. God has been leading us in a mighty manner. But we have never been affiliated under any other churches. Now we would like to have touch with you and do this ministry in a vast and wonderful manner. Kindly help us by providing your contact numbers, we would contact you and speak all the other things to you over phone. With love and prayers, your family in the body of christ service, India.

Brother Thomson
Jesus Christ Prayer House
Chennai, South India

Dear brother,
In Jesus name I greet you brother. I am much interested in your teachings of prophecy which I got in the web through a Swedish friend. I am Phillip from Kenya, saved and share ther same Apostolic faith of God with you. I pray that one day you will visit our small growing church in Kenya and we will be in agreat blessing of the lord. We are working together with my dear brother here Daniel it is not easy for us in this region but we are seing the Lord's mercy. Be with us in prayer that this true faith will expand. The lord be with you.

Phillip Otieno Nyaranga

Much greetings through the saving name of Jesus Christ. I hope you are fine likewise to me and my family. Am just want to know whether you can come and preach in my church. Your ministry teachings are of great help to us. God bless you as I hope to hear from you.

Yours in Christ,
Brother Mogendi

Dear Pastor Ken,
I consider your sermons and lessons a great blessing. I really hope I might get to visit you in person someday. May God bless you, yours and the ministry.

Chuck Richardson

Pastor Raggio,
I've been receiving your weekly sermons for some time and I've visited your website since years before that. There is so much I would like to talk to you about. I found your website by searching for information on Israel's third temple. When I finished that I then looked at the other articles, You have some powerful stuff written there. I copied almost everything and I printed it out and put it in a personal notebook of mine. Your bro in Christ,

Gene Caber
Tyrone, PA

Dear Pastor Ken Raggio:
I stumbled upon your site by accident. I have been searching for meaning, for truth, in this vile planet. Since coming to your site, I have become aware of the void within my soul even more apparent. I want to continue to receive your internet Bible teachings and learn what I can, and hope that God preserves me in these terrible times.

Thank you and be well,
Jack H.

Dear Sir,
I thank you for sending me the lessons.

Raimond Schoolderman

Dear Pastor Ken,
Your "Love" sermon - absolutely WONDERFUL. The Lord had me meditating on love scriptures all week. I really thank you for taking the time out to send me these WONDERFUL messages. Thank you.

Brother Bob Klages

Dear Pastor Ken,
A blessed good morning to you. I would like to say thank you for all you effort in sending me the word of God. Please continue sending me it helps me a lot in my daily life. I read your letter every morning after my devotion or before. Pastor Ken, please include my husband and I in your prayers. He is also receiving a letter from you in the Philippines. He is the one who send me your sermon and Bible study. We are both Pentecostals. Thank you pastor. God bless you !!!


to: Pastor Ken Raggio,
Bro. I've read your article about the rapture and found out that you have proofs in the bible. Bro, I want to learn more from you. Thank God that I found your website and read your articles. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER.

Bro. Rommel Gefes

Dear Pastor Ken,
Praise God! Your study on who "withholds" the revealing of the antichrist is an answer to my prayers! I would like permission to use some of the excerpts of your teaching.

Maria M

Hey Ken,
Your articles have helped me a lot! Your answers help me too! Thank you so much for your answers! No one wants to talk to me about this. Now everything fits perfectly and it is so clear! I am going to spend some more time studying from your web site and I have subscribed to your Sermons! Thanks again for taking time to help me to understand! God bless You and Your Ministry!

In Christ,

Dear Pastor Ken,
Praise ye the Lord!!I would like to say thank you so much for your effort and time in sending me the Holy word of God. Pastor, it inspires me and uplift my soul while reading it. I open my email 4:30am today, Saturday. Yes, Pastor I really needed it!! Thank you so much. I will give it to my cell group because our topic concern about this. I highly appreciate what you are doing for me and it helps me a lot in everything. I don't know Pastor if it is right to say that you and what you are doing right now is a great miracle to those people like me. I would like to share this to my friends who lives across the country. If there is word more than "thank you" I will say that to you!!!you are a blessing to me and to everyone. More blessing to you and to your family!

God Bless your wonderful heart!
Cristina M

Reverend Sir,
Christian greetings! It's almost a month now that I am subscribed to your Bible Study. Oh, my God! How could I ever thank you for such wonderful articles? They're so powerful; they brought me down to my knees in prayer every time...

I am a wife of a Pastor in one of the Pentecostal Churches here in Toril, Davao City, Philippines. We are yet new in the ministry. Right now we are having our fellowship (about a hundred saints) in one of the government-owned buildings, a barangay hall (we call it here) because the barangay captain is one of my students in the university where I teach.

Actually, I thought of writing to you the very first time I received the Bible study lesson in order to express my appreciation and gratitude for the articles that you shared to millions, but it’s only now that I really got myself into writing after having read your article about that provocative story from Ethiopia (“If God be for us, who can be against us?”). I was extremely moved by the story maybe because our situation in the church, in one way or another, can be identified with it. Thank you that once again I am reminded that GOD IS WITH US.

Vicki L.
PS: If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, please include our ministry in your prayers. Thank you, Sir…God bless you richly.

Brother Ken,
Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus! I have just read your Bible Study. It was great! Pray that God will lead me to go from here and continue to preach the truth. In Jesus Name,

Pastor Michael Warner

Dear Brother Ken:
A few years back when I was aware of your ministry and site, I paid a visit to it. Naturally, the format has been changed a number of times since the late '90's, but thank God, the content has not! A site that does not compromise the unadulterated Word of the Living God is rare and most valuable, sir.

Thank you very much for your dedication to the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ. May He continue to strengthen your hands and heart to abound in the work He's called you to do.

Yours In His Service,
Mona B.

Thank you for this very interesting lesson. They have all been a blessing to me, but this one, in particular, will really help me in my Home Bible Study presentation. God bless you for this most informing ministry.

Letty R

Hi Pastor Raggio,
Todays sermon had a special effect for me today. You gave me just the right words in todays sermon. They hit me hard. You didn't even know what a Divine gift you gave! It was tucked away at the bottom of a short paragraph. God works in mysterious ways, Huh?

Thank You for todays sermon,
Bill Shook

I have been enjoying your weekly sermons. Please continue to send them.


Dear Pastor Ken,

Thank you for your service and may the Lord increase you to satisfy the hunger of our society. I have read and compiled almost all your Bible Studies / Sermons and found them very inspiring.

God bless,
Tirhas Weldu

Good Afternoon Pastor Raggio,
Praise the Lord! I must tell you that your publications have been a tremendous blessing to me since I have been receiving them in my e-mail. I love the word of God and I truly believe that we must guard our heart and minds just as the word tells us to daily in our walk with the Lord. These weekly publications from your ministry help me to keep my mind focused on the things of God during my workweek. I would wish that everyone who is a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ would get these weekly publications for study and keep them in their folders for reference materials. I have recently been ordained in September of this year. These materials will be very helpful to me.

God Bless
Gail M

Praise the Lord. Please re-subscribe me to your e-mail list. I miss your articles!

God Bless
Joel Estrada

Dear Pastor
Just want to say thank you for these sermons of the week the are really good. I am a full time evangelist.

Paul Davis

Dear Pastor Raggio, As I read this sermon I felt very strongly to encourage you to write for your local newspaper. Your writings give understanding and insight to the Word of God. There may be many newspapers you can contact in areas around where you live and get into those as well. The people are waiting!

God Bless,
Sis. Linda S.

Dear Pastor Raggio,
This article proved to be one of the most valuable you have ever written. I work in a government area. close to law-enforcement and the Prosecuting Attorney of our County who are my friends. I am sharing it with them.....I am also sharing your column with friends in whom I have been planting the seed of the Word of truth in for nine years. You never know who is reading your column.....I have chosen to share it because I feel you write with wisdom. Keep up the tremendously great work! God is using you! I would like permission to carry this article in our County newspaper.


Pastor Raggio,
I have enjoyed your sermon of the week and hope that you will continue this ministry. I will be sure to support you in prayer. God Bless!

Pastor Steve Young

Dear and beloved pastor
I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ gives you the Blessing that you need, for the work that you are doing for the kingdom and to reach out for loss souls. God bess you.

Liz V

Hi there Ken,
I got onto your site through Errols 'Homeworship' news letter. As an Independant True Christian, I'm always interested in info. from other like minded people.I agree with your article "Will the EU displace the US in global domination?" Anyway, I will read the rest of your site (there's a lot there) & hope to hear from you sometime.

Cheers & peace be with you.
Colin Bowater
Toowoomba - QLD - Australia

Hi Ken,
I checked-out your site and bookmarked it - it looks very interesting! And I'm impressed with the number of articles and the variety of topics.

Carl Teichrib, Author
President, World Systems Research Group | Sr. Fellow "The August Review"

These testimonials are only a SMALL FRACTION of the thousands of letters I have received. I simply do not have the time to post all that come by email.

Thank you ALL for your kind words! I am thankful that so many people are being blessed, and my prayer is that EVERY BIBLE LESSON will be a rich blessing to every person who reads it.

God bless you all!


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Ken Raggio


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