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How Soon Will We Be Cashless?

Will the Banks put the "squeeze" on us soon?
Has the Mark of the Beast already arrived?

By Ken Raggio

Note: I wrote the first draft of this article in January 2000.
It is more urgent now than then. I have also updated it.

Banks controlling us by demanding fingerprints.

I went to a local bank (not my own) to cash a check that was drawn on that bank. I properly endorsed the check (it was written to me), and presented my driver's license with photo ID. The teller handed me an INK PAD, and asked me to put my THUMB PRINT on the back of the check.

I refused to give my thumb print to cash the check. I insisted that she cash the check without my thumb print. She said she could not. I asked to speak to her manager.

Her manager came out, and I told him that I considered the thumb print requirement to be an invasion of my privacy. He told me that it was bank policy, and he could not cash the check without my thumb print.

I asked to speak to the Branch Manager. They took me into his office. He was a senior executive with the bank. I told him that I wanted to cash my check. I told him that I had given the teller adequate endorsement and identification, and I expected them to cash the check without my thumb print.

He instantly grew belligerent and informed me that if I didn't want to give my thumb print that I could just go to another bank. I told him that I didn't believe it was necessary to have my thumb print to identify me. He explained that it was company policy.

I asked him what they were going to do with my thumb print. He said that they were going to put it on computer file.

I said that I didn't WANT my thumb print in their computer files. He suggested I take my check somewhere else. I left immediately.

My point in telling you this is that we ALREADY HAVE a banking system that we CANNOT do business with without THEIR FORM OF IDENTIFICATION.

First, a fingerprint. Next, an implanted microchip.

Banks already control us. They just have not yet demanded the implant. But it is coming. They want our bodies to carry enough electronic identification that they can track every move we make 24-hours a day.

In the United States, the FDIC demanded laws that forced banks to report every significant bank transaction to the government.

As I was writing this article, news headlines featured a story of the FDIC pushing Congress to pass new laws requiring banks to report the banking activities of all their customers.

The public was outraged, and tried to prevent it from happening, but in the end, the FDIC got everything they wanted, and more.

Every noteworthy transaction must be reported to the government.

Since 2007 the Banking Secrecy Act is in force in the US, and it is FAR worse than I could have dreamed.

Every time Americans conduct a banking transaction that is a little different than our established (and recorded) "pattern," our bank reports us to "Big Brother." It is an economic Gestapo. If you rarely make a bank deposit over a certain amount, then the next time you make an extraordinarily large deposit, the government is notified. Isn't that wonderful?

Economic sanctions are among the New World Order's most ingenious control tactics.

But there is absolutely nothing the ordinary person can do to slow down this global invasion of privacy.

The MASSIVE AMOUNT of financial information that the government wants on each of us is becoming so ENORMOUS, that there is ONLY ONE WAY TO KEEP UP WITH ALL OF IT! Electronically!

Cash transactions must be eliminated so that the government can know EVERYTHING IT WANTS TO KNOW. By eliminating cash, it can quickly undermine the global drug cartels, illicit arms trading, organized crime, tax evaders, et cetera.

But to do so, EVERY TRANSACTION must be electronic.

All transactions will eventually be electronic.

You will be so outraged, you will wish you could get out of the system.

But there will be no way to buy or sell if you are not in the system.

The Mark of the Beast is just around the corner.

Their requirements can only get stiffer in the days ahead. As we approach a totally cashless society, Christians should be considering what our options will be if we refuse to take the Mark of the Beast.

How will we buy or sell? How will we feed our families? How will we survive? Only God knows the answers to those questions.

These may seem to be absurd questions, but the Bible plainly warns Christians not to take the mark.

If you don't think the Mark of the Beast is near, read this letter sent to me by one of my readers more than TEN YEARS AGO - on October 26, 1998:

When I read your letter today I was amazed, because just a few days ago I received a letter concerning some of the same things. It was from my sister concerning something that happened in Tennessee. A lady that she knows was quite upset at what happened. I am sending you a copy of that letter... Here it is just as she sent it to me.

    I went to Benton's last night, and he told me that his sister was in the Food Lion the other day, and there was a man in front of her he put his groceries up for the lady to ring them up, and she did. This store is right near my house. When the lady was through she told the man how much he owed and he said, "scan my hand." The lady was scared and called the manager. When the manager got there he talked to the man and looked at the lady and said, "It's OK. Do it." So the man ran his hand across and scanned it, and the charge was paid in full. The lady almost fainted, and Benton's sister was so scared she went to her mother's house and told them. When Benton came in that evening to see his mother, his dad said that they have already started the mark of the beast and told Benton that it's already here. The man was from somewhere in the North. You're talking about something scary. I came home and told the children they need to know that if nothing else it's in the experimental stage. People need to wake up.


Mr. Raggio, you might have already heard of this before. I have on one occasion, but I never knew anyone personally that had seen it. I thought it might be of interest to you. Fran"

There are many other stories similar to this one in circulation, but I have not been able to personally document them.

The technology for the Mark of the Beast is already in the US.

On New Year's Eve, I was presenting a prophecy message in a church in north Alabama. At the end of the meeting, a lady came to me and told me a hair-raising story.

She said that her daughter-in-law's friend had called her a few days ago and told her the following:

She was working as a cashier in the local Wal-Mart when a customer came through the checkout and made a purchase. When she totaled up his purchase, he instructed her to scan his hand. He then passed his hand across the scanner and the purchase was completed!

There are those who doubt the existence of this technology, and I will not take the time here to present an expose' on the biochip technology. You can read several additional articles I have written on this subject, which contain great details about the chip, and how and where it is ALREADY being used.

Technology is advancing at lightning speed for the purpose of having an entirely cashless money system worldwide within the very near future.

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UPDATE: November 3, 2008.

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, in a meeting of the European Union during the last week of October 2008, called for the creation of a single global economic governance and a single global currency. Here is the YOUTUBE video of that actual speech.

What's next?

If you have not yet read my online articles, When is the Rapture?, The Day of the Lord,Is the Devil in the New World Order?, please look them up at

You will see that the Bible gives a clear chronology of these events.

It is time to fast and pray and believe that God will give us critical direction for our lives in the days ahead.

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