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Clash Of Civilizations
A Global War Is Unfolding Over Religion

By Ken Raggio
Written in 2009

UN Interfaith Meeting 2005 I took the photo at right while attending the United Nations Interfaith Meeting in the Economic and Social Council chambers during the World Summit of 2005 in New York. Representatives from nations around the world met to discuss ways to bring religious unity to the world.

You need to know this term. INTERFAITHISM, as it is called, is the global movement to homogenize all the world's religions into an ecumenical mutual-respect society. In other words, Big Brother has now taken it upon himself to FORCE all the world's religions to either compromise their beliefs and get along with each other, or be put out of business.

Discussions I heard that day in the UN headquarters focused primarily on ways to bring representatives of opposing religions together for government-sponsored efforts to diffuse opposing viewpoints, hostile rhetoric and conflicting beliefs. Examples were given of meetings held in such places as the Philippines and Indonesia where religious strife has already been brought to the table for intensive efforts for ecumenism to resolve disputes.

In late 2008, Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Britain, announced the formation of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, with precisely the same objectives - to press all the world religions to get along. Now think about this. Tony Blair, as England's Prime Minister, was obliged to the Church of England. But on his way out of office, he declared his conversion to the Roman Catholic Church!

Now we know, by examining the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church, that they do not believe that anyone can enter the kingdom of God apart from the baptism of the Roman Catholic Church. So, now we have a man who has only been a Catholic for a very brief time - a religious neophyte, and one known to manipulate religion for political expediency - presuming to address the entire world's need to compromise religious convictions, and accept and approve the faith of all other religions. At the least, the whole idea is facetious and outrageous. At the worst, it is diabolical and criminal.

There is much to be said about the scads of organizations that are presently working to render all the world's religions compatible with each other. The World Council of Churches. The United Religions Organization. The United Religions Initiative. The United Nations Interfaith dialogue. The Foundation For A Global Ethic. And more.

Dr. Hans Küng, a Professor of Ecumenical Theology and President of the Foundation for a Global Ethic, said, "There will be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions. There will be no peace among the religions without dialogue among the religions."

Dream on. There will be no peace on earth until Jesus comes. At the heart of all these efforts is a growing global consensus that religious fundamentalism - the belief many religions hold (that theirs is the only true religion) - must be silenced.

It is my view that these efforts are a wild-eyed pipe dream. Fundamentalism is going to be with us until the end of time. I, for one, am a fundamentalist Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is the human incarnation of the Eternal Creator, and there isn't a government agency or ecumenical movement on earth that is ever going to change that. And I am certainly not alone. I will die a fundamentalist, (either a natural death, or as a martyr if it ever has to come to that) simply because my beliefs and convictions are not negotiable.

Hundreds of millions of other people feel just as strongly about their religion as I do - whatever their religion may be. In the final analysis, even the ecumenical crowd is beginning to act like fundamentalists when it comes to exclusivity. They accuse fundamentalists of being exclusivists, but their entire agenda is to exclude the fundamentalists. It's the pot calling the kettle black. And it is war. Never forget it. Born in the pit of Hell.

The Global State of Religion

Only an ostrich with its head in the sand would fail to see that the world is increasingly (and more than ever) at war over religion. Many people feel that we are in a final clash of civilizations: especially between radical Islam and Christendom.

I should make a point, however that the world’s problems are not exclusively religious problems, no matter what the pundits say. Just as certainly as Islam and Christianity are in showdown, so are Capitalism and Communism. Many people feel that Communism is also a religious ideology, even though it is atheistic at its core. In the last two decades, the largest part of the entire content of Africa has been overthrown by Communists and Muslims "extirpating" Christians and those who would have independent, democratic open societies. Increasingly, Africa is falling into the hands of socialist and Muslim despots. And that trend is moving toward the West.

Biblically, the prophecies concerning the four horsemen in Zechariah and Revelation specify that there would be FOUR SPIRITS that patrol the earth in the endtime. There you have it: Catholicism, Islam, Communism and Capitalism. (Read my article The Four Horses Of Revelation ) There is the final war of this age - between these four spirits. It is the "Sixth Trumpet War" of Revelation. (See The Seven Trumpets.)

“Kill the Infidels”

In the Middle Ages, Roman Catholic Crusaders were the first to articulate the need to "kill the infidels," then referring to Muslims. Now, the tides have turned. Hundreds of millions of Islamic fundamentalists declare Jihad (holy war) on the “infidels” of the West. They hijacked the war cry.

Iranian Presidents parrot the religious edicts of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that Israel must be “wiped off the map.” It was the previous Ayatollah Khomeini who infamously called the United States “the Great Satan.”

Former President Ahmadinejad believed he was the forerunner of Shia Islam's Twelfth Mahdi (or Iman - Islam's messiah), who is imminently expected to appear on the world scene. He furthermore believed in the Shia doctrine that the Twelfth Mahdi will appear only when the world appears to be spinning out of control due to a global warfare in which Muslims will be engaged. The leaders of Iran believe that it is their sacred duty to perpetrate a global holy jihad against the “Great Satan” (America), the “little Satan” (Israel), and overthrow all infidels everywhere and forcefully convert the entire world to his brand of Islam. That is why they are Hell-bent on having vast nuclear arms capabilities - a dream that is probably already fulfilled.

Annan: The United Nations is the world’s only hope

In his final address to the UN General Assembly before his term expired, Secretary General Kofi Annan blamed the world’s biggest dangers on religion. His remarks pointed to “insensitivity” toward other people’s beliefs, and criticized those who are eager to foment a global religious war. He said no other conflict reaches so far from the battlefields of the Middle East.

His conclusion was that a truly United Nations is the only answer to the problems of this divided world.

EU Chief warns of growing gaps

Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, spoke at Bill Clinton’s 2006 New York “Clinton Initiative.” He said that the gap between the Muslim world and the West has increased significantly. “The divide that persists in the world is more profound than we think, and we better be aware of that. It’s not getting smaller, but growing.” He also warned that Muslims should not be provoked, even for the sake of free speech and open thought.(!) He urged governments to take action to prevent further division and establish ties between civilizations.

Take note of that. GOVERNMENTS, says he, should TAKE ACTION to prevent religious division.

Believe me, that is not likely to be imposed against Muslims. We have already seen the trends. More likely, that rule will be used to prosecute Christans, to prevent them from provoking Muslims, although world-wide, there are virtually NO EXAMPLES of Christians persecuting Muslims, but MILLIONS of Christians have been put to death by Muslims.

Nevertheless, Catholicism and Judaism "dig in"

In the wake of radical Islam's aggressions, Pope Benedict XVI reaffirmed the historical Catholic doctrine that eternal salvation can only be had through proper communion administered by a priest in the Roman Catholic church.

And in Israel, the newly resurrected Sanhedrin (the 70 Elders of Israel) led by Rabbi Chaim Richman, steadfastly presses toward the construction of Israel's Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They have prepared all the temple furnishings as prescribed in ancient times, and are in the process of consecrating Cohenites for the Temple priesthood.

Calls for Christianity to be silenced as Islam rages

While Islam rages, hostility toward Christians is becoming epidemic. In late 2006, a week-long series on National Public Radio appealed for tolerance of Muslims. Unbelievably, at the same time, the ACLU (American Communist League Union pretending to defend American "Civil Liberties") is fighting to keep Bibles away from elementary school students in Missouri. A U.S. Navy chaplain faced a court-martial for praying in Jesus' name. NBC edited references to God and the Bible from the VeggieTales children's program. In New Zealand, efforts are underway to remove references to Jesus from all government ceremonies. And in California, and around the country, militant homosexuals wage domestic terrorism against Christians who opposed gay marriage with Proposition 8, while radical left-wing Federal Judges turn a blind eye and ban Christians from publicly celebrating Christmas.

Antichrist Rising

Despite all these incredible developments, enormous numbers of people still think that the solution is to press on toward "Interfaithism," another word for Ecumenism, or mutual acceptance of all religions. So you want ME to accept all this?

Those who refuse to cooperate with "interfaithism," in the end, will have to be destroyed. As Mikhail Gorbachev has said in his book, "Perestroika," society must “extirpate [remove or totally destroy] all religious exclusivism.”

That means that the future of global religion will be to silence everyone who thinks they have the only way to God. In the same way that Canada has criminalized anti-homosexual speech, many of the core beliefs of Judeo-Christianity are becoming illegal in both American courts and at the international level, punishable by fines and imprisonment, and ultimately prosecutable through the International Criminal Court. It is a nauseating irony that Christianity - the foundation of the greatest civilization in history - is being criminalized while homosexual terrorism is being defended all the way to the Supreme Court.

As I see it, Interfaithism will ultimately become as dangerous as radical Islam, except that interfaithism will extirpate fundamentalists of every kind - Christian, Muslim, or whatever else. While radical Islam now declares war on all the infidels who do not believe as they do, Interfaithism will eventually do the very same thing, except that it will have the force of world government and U.N. "PEACE-KEEPING" troops behind it.

Can it, or will it ever happen this way? The momentum is definitely there. The Bible clearly prophesies the day when the United Nations will bring international armies into Jerusalem to squash Judaism once and for all.

But the same prophecies also announce the return of Jesus Christ to that doomsday scenario. Jesus will reclaim Jerusalem at the final Battle of Armageddon. Jerusalem will become the capital and holy city of His world government. All His opponents will be done away with at Armageddon, and He, as God, will set all the world in order. There will be NO INTERFAITHISM in the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ. "Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD." That will include every atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist,Bahai, and everyone else.

If anybody anywhere has the right to extirpate his opponents, Jesus does. He created all this in the first place. It belongs to Him. . "The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof," (found six times in the Bible). He can and should do as He pleases to bring His opponents to judgment.

I, for one, say, "Even so, LORD JESUS, COME QUICKLY!" I know He will. See When Will The Rapture Take Place?

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