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UN Logo What about
The United Nations'

What is the agenda of this veritable "president of the world"?

By Ken Raggio

UN Hdqtrs In the remaining years before the battle of Armageddon, Bible prophecies tell us that a World Government will arise. It is the "dreadful beast" of Daniel's prophecies .

It is appropriate for us to study this evil beast, even as it rises stealthily out of the sea and before it shows itself to be the monster it really is. Right now, it is relatively quiet, and working diligently to present itself as a peace-loving savior of the world.

But make no mistake about it. Before this story comes to an end, the United Nations is going to be the most horrifying government that has ever existed in the history of mankind.

You cannot easily see, from this vantage point, exactly how formidable the UN already is, or will soon become. That is why we must apply careful scrutiny and due diligence to uncover the true identity and purpose of this organization and its personnel.

Kofi Annan Former Secretary General Kofi Annan

In the late 1990s, while President Bill Clinton was experiencing a major credibility crisis, (his morals and honesty under international skepticism), and Russian President Boris Yeltsin played Russian Roulette with his cabinet and his presidency (firing top brass on hot-headed whims), the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, was enjoying new-found status as a highly credible world figure.

On December 16, 1996, Annan became the first black African to that post, and with the boisterous support of both President Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Annan quickly became one of the brightest stars on the world stage. "He is a renowned international statesman and has made his mark in history," Albright recommended.

AsiaWeek reported what people thought about Annan. He is "quiet," "soft spoken," "an effective consensus-builder," "brings personal touches to the job," "good with the news media," "dignified, gracious wisdom," "the epitome of politeness," "a diplomat's diplomat," and "bureaucrat par excellence."

Thomas O'Dwyer of the Jerusalem Post said, "The world has become aware that the United Nations may now be headed by the consummate diplomat it has long been in need of."

At any given time, the post of the United Nations Secretary General has a world of convoluted political challenges before it. Kofi Annan at first garnered accolades from one U.S. official who described him as having "the right credentials and mix of skills that should bring the United Nations into the 21st century."

Job Description: Promote World Government

Annan's popularity during the early years of his tenure translated into a power surge for the New World Order. The sovereignty and global influence of individual nations were weakened substantially when the General Assembly signed onto the MDG - Millennial Developmental Goals - a ten-year global agenda put forward by Annan.

Despite the outward appearance of meeting the needs of the world's poor and empoverished peoples, underneath the MDGs are Big-Brother-empowering projects such as expanding GLOBAL TAXES TO FINANCE WORLD GOVERNMENT (yes, many are already in force!), and THE "RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT" CLAUSES (one of Annan's biggest successes).

The UN's "Responsibility to Protect" is effectively a mandate, signed by the nations of the world, empowering the United Nations to create and control a world army authorized to intervene in and override the affairs of sovereign nations. "And they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" Revelation 13:4.

Think about it. Are YOU ready to pay a global tax to pay for a world government? Are YOU ready to have a global army knocking on your door and arresting you for INTERNATIONAL crimes, WITHOUT RECOURSE to your own nation's laws or courts, and prosecuted by an International Criminal Court outside your own country??

Such is the agenda of the United Nations, and such is the mission of the UN Secretary General, whoever that person may be.

Annan and Saddam At the UN since 1971, Annan was a lifelong bureaucratic insider who held numerous influential administrative posts.

He was the Under-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations. He had a number of delicate and complex jobs. He went to Iraq to negotiate the release of hostages during the Gulf War, and the safe transport of a half-million Asian workers who had become stranded in that area. Representing the UN Secretary General, he negotiated among the four contentious powers who intervened in Bosnia - the United States, Britain, France and Russia.

His achievements include many major advances in New World Order.

He worked to bring the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund under tighter controls of the United Nations.

Promoting A Hard-Core Socialist Agenda

Maurice Strong Annan appointed Maurice Strong (Canadian billionaire industrialist, humanitarian, environmentalist) as his Senior Adviser on United Nations reform issues. Mr. Strong effectively redesigned the world organization, empowering it and streamlining it in the process.

Strong has been an intensely devout New Age occultist associated with the Aspen Institute, the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg, POPULATION CONTROL, WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION, and a host of other HARD-CORE SOCIALIST agendas.

Strong's stealth agenda is a harbinger of woes to come for Christians and Patriots. Keep your eyes open for this man! He is getting pretty old, but at last glance, he was in North Korea power-brokering with Kim Jong Il, the nuclear mad-man whose antics put the United States President's stomach in knots.

Strong-Arming The United States

Kofi Annan tackled the U.S. Congress for not paying its share of UN bills. Staunch anti-UN forces on Capitol Hill, who managed to withhold funds from the UN for years, finally capitulated to the silver-tongued statesman. In the showdown between the US and Saddam Hussein, Kofi Annan often preempted the U.S. President and challenged the American agenda.

Annan's Replacement - the new Secretariat - Ban Ki-Moon

Ban Ki-Moon Ban Ki-Moon is a career diplomat with deep roots at the UN, having served a Korean post in the United Nations Division in New Delhi in the early 1970s. As Foreign Minister for South Korea, he frequently shuttled among members of the UN Security Council.

Among his most notable achievements was playing lead roles in the Six-Way Nuclear Talks, including North Korea and China. His forte' in his new post is likely to be in the area of diffusing nuclear stand-offs between nations. Do not expect him to side with the United States with any reliability, unless of course, the U.S. President redirects America into its own fast-moving UN-compatible Socialist agenda.

White House On A UN Agenda?

Barack Obama has a strong connection with the United Nations agenda. In 2007, Obama worked on "The Borgen Project," which was created to pass the "Global Poverty Act," a bill requiring the White House to develop a strategy for achieving the goals. Obama clearly intends to abandon many American interests in favor of global initiatives.

The Last Remaining Superpower?

In the final analysis, whoever occupies the post of UN Secretary General is there to forward the agenda of the world government. That translates into gradually stripping individual nations of their sovereignty, imposing international jurisdiction on as many legal domains as possible, strengthening the hand of UN troops in regions around the world, and a multitude of other global agendas, including global taxation, international courts, and more - all at the expense of old-fashioned nationalism and bilateralism.

Ban Ki-Moon has ascended into what is arguably the most powerful office on earth, in the one remaining Superpower - the UN.

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