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Life on Mars?
NASA refutes the Bible

NASA wants you to believe that life on this planet
rode here on this scorched rock! Are they crazy?

By Ken Raggio

Written in 1996 - still interesting!

The news reports declared that there was life on Mars three million years ago. Not plant or animal life, but a single cell smaller than bacteria. They theorized that it came to earth on a potato-sized rock. Did they have proof? NASA chief Dan Goldin claimed that tiny fossils of Martian organisms were present in a meteorite they believe landed in Antarctica 13,000 years ago. A golf-ball-sized chunk of the meteorite, labeled ALH84001, was displayed in a clear plastic case at a major news conference.

For two years, scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Stanford University examined the 4.2 pound meteorite for traces of organic molecules and carbon compounds--building blocks of life on earth. They believed the rock formed under the Mars' surface about 4.5 billion years ago.

Between 3.6 billion and 4 billion years ago, water penetrated fractures in the rock and deposited carbonate materials (they say). They believe living organisms may have been involved in the formation of the carbonate and some of the microscopic organisms may have fossilized in the rock. Inside microscopic globs of carbonate, they found polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons--or PAHs-- mineral compounds associated with microscopic organisms and possible microscopic fossils.

Photographs show the carbonate as orange-brown in color with black and white rims. "Compounds in these rims are very similar to those produced on earth by bacteria. The simplest explanation is that these are products of micro-organisms on Mars," Kathie Thomas-Keprta of Lockheed-Martin said at the briefing.

Even members of the investigative team were skeptical. Stanford University's Richard Zare noted that PAHs are present on earth in non-organic substances such as diesel exhaust, candle soot or even charred meat. It is possible that these substances originated on earth.

There is such public zeal to throw out the Bible and believe in anything else, these announcements have unleashed a fury of conjectures. For instance, the UFO cults are having a field day with this. They are crying, "I told you so!" and resurrecting the "Martian-invasion" images of Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" infamy.

Others have dared to go so far as to suggest that life on earth actually originated on Mars, and was imported to this planet. If that is true, then we are being asked to believe that life could first of all be miraculously catapulted with rocket force out of Mars gravitational field. We must then believe that it can survive a sixteen million year journey through space, plunge into the earth's atmosphere at several thousand miles per hour, experience white-hot friction of hundreds of degrees, impact in snowy ices of Antarctica, yet still evolve into every plant, animal and human species!

These same people will not believe that God parted the Red Sea, (even though searchers now claim to have found remnants of Pharaoh's chariots). The American public is being bamboozled in a most sophisticated way.

NASA was expected to solicit billions of dollars from Congress to explore Mars in this hyped-up fraud, while a national denial of the creation of the universe by the living God is being perpetrated. President Clinton said, "I am determined that the American space program will put its full intellectual power and technological prowess behind the search for further evidence of life on Mars.

"If this discovery is confirmed it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into our universe that science has ever uncovered." Carl Sagan, renowned atheist scientist and Professor at Cornell University and author of "Cosmos", enthusiastically agreed, while admitting that the organic chemicals reported in the study "are not evidence of life."

There is a major socio-political coup being orchestrated by the atheistic powers that be. It is time for Christians to scream to the top of the collective voices. One crowd says that Martians are real, while another group says we are Martians! May I remind you that Darwin's theories of evolution have never yet been proven!

We have far more reason to believe Moses' account of creation than NASA will ever have to support its outrageous theories. From the time of Moses unto this day, there are thousands of years of archeological and historical evidences supporting the Biblical version of world history.

(Addendum: As of June 25, 2010, NASA scientists continue to re-state their claims about life on Mars, although the evidence is no more conclusive today than it was fourteen years ago when the claims were first made.)

While NASA officials flaunt these outrageous interplanetary rocks, why doesn't someone wave some photos of the remains of Noah's Ark, the Ziggurat ruins of Babel, the fallen Jericho walls, or the Egyptian accounts of the Exodus.

The same people who deny the God of miracles are believing in random accidents far more fantastic than just about any miracle in the Bible! It is the fool who says in his heart "there is no God." Let's cling to sanity in the name of God.

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(Below) Excavation of Jericho Walls

Excavated Walls at Jericho

(Below) Remains of Noah's Ark protruding from ice on Mt Ararat in Turkey.

Noah's Ark

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