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Nukes, Nukes
and More Nukes

A Bible Prophecy that one-third of mankind will die before Jesus returns

By Ken Raggio
A war emanating from the region of the Euphrates River is prophesied to kill one-third of mankind (Revelation 9:13-18).

The prophet saw fire and brimstone everywhere. He said it was to take place on a year, a month, a day and an hour.

How many military weapons of war have the ability to kill 1/3 of mankind in an hour? It almost certainly sounds like a nuclear holocaust is coming.
That war is to be precipitated by an army of 200 million. The first suspect in that war would be China. Mao Tse-tung boasted in his day that China could field an army of that size.
Since that time, however, the Islamic population of the world has grown to over 1.6 billion, forty-percent of which are considered to be fundamentalists. That translates into 600 MILLION jihad-waging war-mongering militants.

A potential Islamic army of hundreds of millions is not out of the question, even though it is difficult to imagine them ever co-operating with each other to that degree.
Thirdly, India, a nation of well over one billion, is a nuclear-empowered country with over 500 million army-eligible citizens. India, however, is primarily Hindu, and does not seem likely to emerge as a hostile army in the Middle Eastern conflict.

Muslim nukes?

A nuclear empowered Muslim state might easily fit this prophecy. Do Muslims have nukes? They certainly do.

Since the Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968, 188 nations have signed on to limit nuclear proliferation.

There are eight confirmed Nuclear Weapon States (NWS) on earth.

The first three signed the NPT in 1968:
  • United States
  • Russia
  • Britain (UK)
  • China signed in 1992
  • France signed in 1992
  • Pakistan and
  • India - known to have tested nuclear weapons, and
  • Israel - not confirmed but believed to be a nuclear power.
  • North Korea recently entered the club, against public outrage.
  • Iran is said by many observers to possess nuclear armaments.
  • Syria may actually possess nuclear arms scuttled there by Saddam.
Worse yet, many nations in the Middle East have been provoked to escalate their nuclear ambitions. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was invaded on the premise that they possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. The jury is still out as to whether Saddam scuttled them away into neighboring countries like Syria or Iran.

Illicit WMDs - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Nevertheless, many Western observers, including author Jerome Corsi, believe that Iran possesses nuclear arms.

The current struggle between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Western leaders is purportedly about Iran’s ambition to build nuclear weapons. While they argue that their nuclear facilities are being built for strictly civilian purposes, others claim that Iran and Syria already possess renegade weapons from such sources as the disbanded USSR and illicit Pakistani sources.

Iran is said to have received considerable nuclear assistance from rogue Pakistani scientists.

Meanwhile, neighboring Muslim states have decided to go forward with their own nuclear development projects. Egypt and Turkey have recently announced escalations in their nuclear programs. Radical militant and terrorist organizations fuel such ambitions.

Ultimately, the risk is extremely high that there will be a showdown between the entire Arab-Muslim world and U.S.-Zionism in Israel.

Whether it will be a pre-emptive attack on Iran by Israel or the United States, or perhaps an Iranian attack on Israel, followed by an all-out retaliation by the United States, the world seems certainly at grave risk.

Since Iran is a valuable client state of both China and Russia, and Communist-Muslim alliances tend to be anti-Western, it is not unthinkable that a single nuclear incident in the Middle East could trigger a barrage of missiles coming from East and West.

The SHANGHAI COOPERATION ORGANIZATION is something that you should definitely keep your eyes out for. It is an alliance between CHINA, RUSSIA, and several Central Asian Communist nations that was formed in 1996. It threatens to be the EASTERN COMMUNIST reply to NATO. Several hostile Muslim nations have already acquired Observer Status to the SCO, and among them is Pakistan and Iran - both of which are strongholds of anti-Israeli terrorism (Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard). The SCO is a subset of the larger ASEAN - the largest alliance of Central and Eastern Asian nations.

I STRONGLY SUSPECT that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be one of the end-time players that comes to war at Armageddon. In fact, I strongly suspect that the SCO will actually be the power behind the eventual 200 Million man army that Bible Prophecy (the Sixth Trumpet) foretells coming to march on Israel.

Take note of the similarities between the SCO logo and the Obama logo: SCO SCO

See my article on EZEKIEL'S WAR.

If I am wrong about the SCO, it might instead be the CSTO, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which is very similar to the SCO, but probably even more HEAVILY influenced by Moscow. In the end, both organizations will probably work in tandem with common military and political objectives. Keep your eyes on both entities. I estimate that they bear equal threats to NATO and the Western powers.

Keep your eyes and ears pealed for any news about the SCO or the CSTO. I intend to write much more extensively on this subject as soon as I find the time. That is how much I believe it may have a prophetic end-time role.

Regardless of how the scenario unfolds, we have a sure word of prophecy that the Sixth Trumpet war (probably a full-blown WW3) is coming.

Written 2008-01-21

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