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The State of the World Forum

Socialism comes to America
at this San Francisco New World Order think-tank.

By Ken Raggio

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vaclavhavel.jpg (3140 bytes)"There are good reasons for suggesting that the modern age has ended. Many things indicate that we are going through a transitional period when it seems that something is on the way out and something else is painfully being born. It is as if something were crumbling, decaying and exhausting itself, while something else, still indistinct, were arising from the rubble."  

Vaclav Havel, (hero of the Czech Republic’s "Velvet Revolution," overthrowing hard-line Communists)

An Amalgamation of Cultures

The something "crumbling, decaying and exhausting itself" refers to life on planet earth as we have known it.

The something else "arising from the rubble" is the New World Order that will soon control every nation, every king and every citizen in the world.

phoenix.gif (1040 bytes)It is the proverbial Phoenix, rising anew from the ashes of its own previous ruin. Havel pegs it as "an amalgamation of cultures."

Voices are Rising for Cultural Unity in Diversity

The statements above project the sentiments of the State of the World Forum held in San Francisco in early November, 1997.

It is an amalgamation of voices from around the world, under the auspices of the Gorbachev Foundation/ USA, under the chairmanship of the late former California Senator Alan Cranston.

Gorbachev, of course, is the former President of the Soviet Union, an avowed Leninist-Socialist-Communist.

cranston.jpg (9925 bytes)Cranston left the US Senate after being linked to the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal, in which he received millions of dollars from S&L magnate Charles Keating to insure special treatment in Senate investigations.

More importantly, Cranston was for many years a key player in improving US/Russian relations, including SALT II and START, both strategic (nuclear) arms compromises. Cranston has traveled extensively in Russian and Eastern Europe.

State of the World Forum -- a preeminent Think-Tank plus…

Under the leadership of these two, Gorbachev and Cranston, SOTWF has for several years pursued an aggressive agenda of New World Order, deferring faithfully to the United Nations as the ultimate savior of the world.

SOTWF is headquartered at the Presidio in San Francisco, one of the US’ most prestigious military addresses, now leased to the Gorbachev Foundation.

Its largest conference sessions were held in the Masonic Temple in San Francisco.

Promotional literature to the event touted the claim that "what is arising within and around us is nothing less than the birth of the first global civilization.

It is our generation in our time to which has fallen the great task of its birthing and first definition,"(emphasis added).

Who asked them to furnish the vision for the whole world?

The stated "core mission" of the SOTWF includes a presumption that it is to serve as "a Secretariat for the gathering of leaders and citizens from around the world."

Additionally, it plans "to take concerted action -- strategic initiatives -- to help give shape to the world we envision."

As innocuous as it may sound, this elite forum fully intends to be the loudest voice on earth for dictating the future of every living person under their New World Order.

Their unstated agenda is to legitimize the United Nations as the first absolute world government, and plead its cause loudly and clearly until every hard-to-swallow initiative of Big Brother has been justified to the masses.

Curiously, several of the Forum’s initiatives have received lavish funding from such "Big Brother" organizations as the Rajiv Ghandi Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, The Carnegie Foundation and others.

As of 1997, issues being addressed are: 

1) Toxic Chemicals and Children;
2) Nuclear Weapons Disarmament;
3) Global Compact on Human Development;
4) Marketplace for Growth and Development;
5) Code of Conduct for Sale and Transfer of Arms;
6) Coexistence and Community Building;
7) Charter on Human Responsibilities.

Among the most disturbing of these efforts is 

1) the progress being made toward the establishment of a World Court, that would preside over even the United States Supreme Court;
2) efforts to eliminate the United States’ veto power on the UN Security Council;
3) efforts to underwrite an expanded military and police force under the UN.

On the surface, the stated agenda of the New World Order appears to follow themes of peace and safety and prosperity.

Below the surface, however, is a cacophony of bizarre ideologies calling for the abandonment of traditional values in politics and religion.

Most notably, Capitalism and Christianity have virtually no voice whatever, while radical New Age thought prevails - socialism, ancient mysticism, ecumenism, earth (Gaia) worship.

Preeminent personalities in recent forums have included: General Lee Butler, Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Strategic Air Command (1990-1994); Deepak Chopra, MD -- a new age physician with beliefs rooted in Indian Hinduism, reincarnation, connectivity; Ted Turner -- CNN; Rob Reiner -- former TV star, "All in the Family"; Alan Jones, Dean, Grace Cathedral (ecumenical); Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children's Defense Fund; Barbara Streisand; Jane Fonda; the late John Denver; Dennis Weaver; John Bertrand-Aristide; and a long list of names unrecognized by the general public, mostly foreign in politic and spirituality, but highly articulate in non-traditional, non-Western values.

What can the State of the World Forum accomplish?

The potential resides in this organization to construct a government-in-waiting for the United Nations.

Issues that are too controversial to be discussed freely on the floor of the UN General Assembly can be addressed and developed freely and enthusiastically though the auspices of this non-governmental entity.

Christians should be able to discern the prophetic significance of any group that can so effectively bring about ideal conditions for the fulfillment of endtime prophecies.

(Note: Senator Cranston passed away after the writing of this article.)

Has the CLINTON INITIATIVE replaced the State of the World Forum?

I will be writing more on this topic. Bill Clinton seems to have taken up Mikhail Gorbachev's torch, and is conducting annual meetings in New York, simultaneous with the United Nations General Assembly meeting. Same players, new location, but the crowd is growing, and so is the money for global projects. I will try to provide more coverage on this later.

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