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A World Leader in Waiting
One man, waiting in the wings, has the experience and skills
to save the world from its present chaos.

By Ken Raggio

The shape of the world today is scary. I wish that I could quickly give you a run-down of all the major conflicts world-wide, but unfortunately, that would be impossible.

At this writing, President Hu Jiang of China threatens to initiate hostilities against Taiwan if they proceed with asserting their independence from the mainland.

Kim Jong Il of North Korea threatens the world with nuclear disaster at the hands of one of the most maniacal governments on earth.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, at a "World Without Zionism" rally, threatened to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.” He considers himself the zealous forerunner of Shia Islam's Twelfth Mahdi, and considers global holy war a sacred duty.

Islamic Jihad, in Damascus, Syria, threatens all “World Zionism” and Jews and Americans who support them.

Osama bin Laden and Al Queda and its cousins, Hamas, Fatwah, Jihad and others threaten to annihilate all “infidels” around the world – anyone who doesn’t think and act and believe just like them. Bashar al-Assad of Syria has already eliminated Lebanese President Rafik Hariri, and more than twenty other Lebanese, according to United Nations investigators.

France is burning at the hands of thousands of disgruntled Muslims and African refugees.

And these are only a few of the hot spots were dreadful troubles are brewing around the world. The list could go on and on, including so many countries in Africa, such as Sudan and Rwanda, where genocides and military purges are killing literally millions of their citizens in cold blood.

Over one billion of the earth’s inhabitants go to bed hungry every night because of poverty and famine. Hundreds of millions of people have no clean water to drink. Hundreds of millions of people are infected with HIV/aids, leaving hundreds of millions of orphans, many of whom are themselves infected.

Vladimir Putin of Russia, and China practice war games for an unstated eventuality that the United States might take sides with Taiwan in a war of independence. Putin is returning Russia to its tyrannical past, and empowering Iran with nuclear arms for an epic showdown with all the free world.

Oil production world-wide is strained to the max, and prices bounce higher and higher with each bounce. Left-winged and socialistic governments around the globe are renouncing American “imperialism” and vowing to resist American initiatives at every opportunity.

Muslim extremism is wreaking havoc across Europe and Asia, from the mountains of Kashmir and Afghanistan to the Caucasians. The entire Pacific Rim is enflamed with radical extremism of every kind.

Meanwhile, heads of state from around the world collaborate unilaterally, bilaterally, or multilaterally to hammer out their never-ending differences.

At the United Nations, Ambassadors and Foreign Ministers and a cacophony of international diplomats never cease their negotiations for world peace and security.

What will finally come of all these enormous global problems?

Strangely enough, a solution awaits every single one of these challenges.

There is a leader already in power who has the brilliance and political clout to harness every single problem and resolve it completely.

He has been involved in international politics longer than any of the prominent heads of state now in power.

He is an insider to the inner workings of every parliament and every council chamber.

In fact, there is only one man who has ever lived who has the inherent skills and intellectual savvy to be able to harness the conflicting opinions of every king, president, prime minister, emir, or any other head of state.

This man has had access to the inner workings of every king who has ever lived. He has witnessed every parliamentary procedure ever conducted. He knows human nature like no other man.

He understands every cultural clash. He understands the most complex economy. He knows business, labor, academia, and politics. He is more adept than Ronald Reagan or Mikhail Gorbachev.

He has perfect solutions for all world problems. He knows how to bring an end to all wars. He knows how to resolve all cultural crises.

There is a simple explanation for why this man is so capable of handling all these enormous challenges.

He created every human living. He knew each and every one of us before we were born. He knows every detail, every dynamic, every subtle nuance of human psyche.

Jesus Christ is the human embodiment of the Eternal Spirit of all life.

He is the Father of all spirits.

He knows biology, psychology, psychiatry, chemistry, and every other -ology. He is God.

He will step to the forefront when He reappears on earth for the first time since ancient days.

The heads of state from around the world will bow to Him when He comes. They will, every one of them, know that His wisdom supersedes theirs by an infinite measure. They will trust Him. They will listen to Him. They will worship Him. They will confess that He alone knows the answers to all the world’s problems.

He will establish His government in Jerusalem, and will govern the world from there. He will reform the government of Israel, and totally restructure it from its present form. Every king and president from every nation will come to Jerusalem to learn His answers to all the world problems.

He will rule with a rod of iron and will crush all unprofitable governments, and will replace all the world’s governments with His own hand-picked followers. They will be men and women from around the world who have carefully studied his politics and his governmental ideologies.

They will recognize, without fail, how certainly this man will be the ONLY sovereign on earth. They will cast their crowns at His feet.

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