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This article shows that China is boosting MILITARY COOPERATION
with other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization -
which includes RUSSIA, several central Asian countries, and will
eventually include IRAN, which is now an observer nation of the SCO.

What is the prophetic significance?
I believe the SCO may very well be the force behind
the 200-MILLION-MAN ARMY of the Sixth Trumpet War
spoken of in Revelation 9.
I think that the SCO will eventually rise up against the WEST,
allied with IRAN and Shiite Islam AGAINST the West and NATO.
Just think about it: CHINA + RUSSIA + IRAN = A VERY Biblical monster
that will ultimately move to destroy Israel.

Form your own opinion.

Revelation 9:18 - "By these three was the third part of men killed,
by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone."

Here is my article on the SIXTH TRUMPET WAR

This article shows that on March 11, 2010, JAPAN issued a rare,
but strong condemnation of ISRAEL for its actions in East Jerusalem.
A 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami devastated Japan exactly one year later,

"I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee:
and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed," Genesis 12:3.

This article shows that Russia is leading the way to a UNIVERSAL ID CARD.
This card integrates all personal ID information, including
Health, Biometrics, Welfare, Banking, etc. in ONE ID!

What is the prophetic significance?
This is a giant leap forward into the coming Mark of the Beast technology!
Here is my article on the Mark of the Beast.

This article shows that Janet Napolitano is trying to
implement PASS ID - LONG-RANGE RFID CARDS - worse than REAL ID!

Long-range RFID in your Drivers License means that they can read it from 20 feet away. You won't have to volunteer your Drivers License. They can read it without your approval. That is the next step between here and the Mark of the Beast. Catch up on ELECTRONIC GLOBAL ID facts.

Here is an article that pertains to the

When the dollar fails, and it certainly will, the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland will eventually create a new cashless system, based on SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHTS. The BIS is the Central Bank of all national Central Banks. I believe that it will eventually answer a call from the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is comprised of 153 nations at this writing, to come up with a new global currency. We will probably see a conversion to other regional currencies in the interim, before the global currency - but MAYBE NOT! We may go STRAIGHT into a global cashless currency - THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

This article links Barack Obama to Maurice Strong,
Al Gore, David Rockefeller on the Carbon Tax.

The Carbon Tax is US Enslavement to a Deadly Global Tax. The Carbon Tax will be a financial drain to the US probably as large as all other debts put together. The Carbon Tax will deal the heaviest blow of all to US sovereignty. The US will have to buy its ability to survive from other nations. They will extort all our wealth. The prophetic significance is that it removes the US from Superpower status, tossing world dominance to the European Union, The Iron and Clay Kingdom of Daniel's prophecies. It has all been brought to us by Rockefeller/Kissenger et al. Barack Obama has no greater mission that to destroy the United States of America, and hand over America's global hegemony to the Global Bankers so they can rule from Europe. His mission is very nearly accomplished. The Carbon Tax is very likely to be the point of no return for US.


Time left until Obama leaves office

This article shows Al Quaida gaining power bases in Turkey and Germany

The prophetic significance of this is that Turkey is likely to soon acceed to full membership in the the European Union. With Muslim Extremists drooling over the European power structures, in Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and more, this is a perfect scenario for the newly-Islamicized European Beast of Revelation 13 to finally turn against the Roman Catholic "Christianity," its mother and false prophet, and "hate the whore" (a phrase that foretells the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church). See my article on The Four Horseman for a full explanation of how all this will unfold.

This article shows that the SCO - the Shanghia Cooperation Organization is quickly becoming a formidable opponent to NATO.

The Shanghai Cooperative Organization, created in 2001, links Russia and China in an anti-NATO security alliance. Other Asian nations include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Observer states include India, IRAN, Mongolia and PAKISTAN. India has a keen interest in joining the SCO. Iran cannot join until UN Sanctions are lifted, nevertheless, I do expect Iran to be admitted eventually.

If Iran becomes a full member-nation, the SCO will fit the description of the evil alliance depicted in the prophecies of Ezekiel 38, and will be a mirror of Ezekiel's Armageddon scenario. I expect the Sixth Trumpet War of Revelation 9 to be a global conflagration between NATO (the West) and the SCO (Russia, China, Iran), as a pre-cursor to Armageddon.


P.S. - Take note of the similarities between the SCO logo and the Obama logo: SCO SCO

See my article on EZEKIEL'S WAR.

Here is a high-quality resource of Middle East news.
The Middle East Forum


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