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I am a gospel preacher, and have been since 1966. My reason for being on the Internet is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want everyone to know about Jesus Christ, who is the incarnation of the only true and living God.

I believe that Bible prophecies about the last days are a critical segment of the gospel. One-third of the Bible deals with prophetic events. For that reason, I have made it my business to study prophecy and make every reasonable and prayerful attempt to understand it and teach it to others.

Bible Prophecy has made fools out of a lot of people who misinterpreted it. I certainly don't want to be one of them. It is always possible that I have misinterpreted a scripture. If I discover that I have been wrong, I will try my best to correct what I teach, and attempt to clear the error with a valid interpretation. I have made many, many adjustments over the past forty years to the things that I teach.

There is what seems to be an infinite number of prophecy viewpoints. I have had hundreds of them presented to me over the years. I do not attempt to argue with anyone about these subjects. If you do not agree with the things I teach, that does not offend me. I operate by the rule of Isaiah 58: "deal thy bread to the hungry." I write my articles with "hungry" people in mind, for the single purpose of helping them understand the Word of God in the hopes they will believe it and be saved. 

If you have other motives for being here besides an honest desire to understand the scriptures, my articles will probably not appeal to you. I have no desire to contend with skeptics and cynics.

You are welcome to email me. I cannot always answer all the email I receive because I receive a large volume of mail. I generally attempt to answer the emails that I feel are from people who are honestly seeking Biblical answers.

God bless you. I hope to see you all in the Kingdom of God.

Ken Raggio


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Ken Raggio

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