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This ministry is targeting BARBADOS with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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I want to reach every area of Barbados, targeting population centers with the Gospel.
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Flag Bridgetown Barbados Holetown Symbol
Flag Bridgetown Barbados Holetown Symbol

If YOU live in BARBADOS, or if you know someone living in
ANY ONE of these places who has Internet access...

Christ Church, Atlantic Shores, Bannatyne, Blue Waters, Boarded Hall, Briggs, Callendar, Cane Vale, Chancery Lane, Charnocks, Clapham, Hastings, Maxwell, Maxwell Hill, Newton Terrace, Oistins, Rockley, Scarborough, Seawell, Saint Lawrence, Welches, Woman's Bay, Worthing, Wotton, Yorkshire, Saint Andrew, Barclays Park, Baxters, Belleplaine, Breedy's, Bruce Vale, Chalky Mount, Cherry Tree Hill, Greenland, Hillaby, Turner's Hall Woods - Reserve, White Hill, Saint George, Bairds, Belair, Brighton, Bulkeley, Bulkely Factory, Campaign Castle, Church View, Drax Hall, Ellerton, Gun Hill, Saint James, Apes Hill, Appleby, Carlton, Holetown, Mount Standfast, Lower Carlton, Thorpe, Upper Carlton, Saint John, Ashbury, Bath, Bowmanston, Carter, Cherry Grove, Kendal, Saint Joseph, Airy Hill, Bathsheba, Bissex, Blackmans, Bonwell, Branchbury, Buckden House, Canefield, Castle Grant, Cattlewash, Chimborazo, Hackleton's Cliff, Saint Lucy, Alexandra, Allmans, Animal Flower Cave, Archers, Babbs, Bishops, Blacksage Alley, Benthams, Bourbon, Brome Field, Cave Hill, Chance Hall, Checker Hall, Church Hill, Cove Bay, Crab Hill, Little Bay, Nesfield, River Bay, Spring Hall, Saint Michael, Bank Hall, Bayville, Belfield, Belle, Bibbys Lane, Black Rock, Bridgetown, Capital, Brighton, Brittons Hill, Bush Hall, Canewood, Carrington, Cave Hill, Clermont, Codrington, Dayrells, Deacons, Deacons Farm, Eagle Hall, Eden Lodge, Fairfield, Friendship, Friendship Terrace, Grazettes, Green Hill, Haggatt Hall, Harmony Hall, Henrys, Highgate, Hothersal Turning, Howells, Ivy, Jackmans, Kew, Lazarette, Lodge Hill, Lower Estate, Mapp Hill, Neils, Prospect, Rock Dundo, Rouen, Spring Garden, Station Hill, St Barnabas, Two Mile Hill, Upton, Wanstead, Warrens, Waterford, Whitehall, Wildey, Saint Peter, Alleynedale, Ashton Hall, Bakers, Battleys, Black Bess, Boscobelle, Castle, Diamond Corner, Farley Hill, French Village, Gibbes, Haymans, Indian Ground, Mile and a Quarter, Mullins Terrace, Portland, Road View, Rose Hill, Six Mens, The Whim, Speightstown, Saint Philip, Bayfield, Bayleys, Bel Air, Bentleys, Blades, Blades Hill, Brereton, Bushy Park, Carrington, Church Village, Four Roads, Marchfield, Saint Martins, Six Cross Roads, Ragged Point, Sunbury, The Crane, Three Houses, Woodbourne, Workhall, Saint Thomas, Allen View, Applewhaites, Arch Hall, Arthurs Seat, Bagatelle, Bennetts, Bloomsbury, Blowers, Bridgefield, Carrington, Chapman, Christie, Welchman Hall


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is life-changing for all people everwhere, including:
Everyone in Barbados,
including the historical cultures of
Amerindians, Arawak, Caribs, Celtics, Anglo-Saxons, Africans

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Jesus Christ -
Most Phenomenal Human Who Ever Lived

Who can compare to Jesus? What man ever lived like Him?
Compare your hero. (A challenge to skeptics.)

The Resurrection of the Dead
Jesus proved that the dead can live again.
The historical facts demand an answer from you and me.
Jesus' death, burial and resurrection corresponds to
our repentance, water baptism and new birth!

Why am I living?
If there is NO God and no life after death, then what is life about?


Hundreds of FREE Articles in all Bible categories.

Many Sermons and Bible Lessons
Salvation - Water Baptism - Holiness
Bible Studies on each book of the Bible
Christian - Pentecostal - Apostolic
Extensive Prophecy Topics
Revelation Explained - Antichrist - Mark of the Beast, etc.

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I would love to hear from you if you are reading this in Barbados!
Please write to me at ken @ and tell me about yourself.
Also, tell me about the churches and ministers in Barbados
I will add you to my prayer list and pray for you and your ministry.

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And God bless you!
Ken Raggio
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