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This ministry is targeting PERU with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Flag Lima Peru Arequipa Symbol
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9.2 Million
29 Million

If YOU are in PERU,
or you know someone who is living in
ANY ONE of these places with Internet access...

Abancay, Tamburuco, Acari, Acobamba, Acolla, Aguas Verdes, Ambo, Andahuaylas, Anta, Arequipa, Areqepa, Ascope, Aucayacu, Jose Crespo y Castil, Ayabaca, Ayacucho, Ayakuchu, Ayaviri, Ayna, Azangaro Bagua Grande, Bambamarca, Barranca, Bellavista, Bernal, Buenos Aires, Cajabamba, Cajamarca, Caxamarca, Cajaruro, Calca, Caleta de Carquin, Camana, Campoverde, Caraz, Carhuamayo, Carhuaz, Cascas, Casma, Catacaos, Celendin, Cerro de Pasco, Chachapoyas, Chancay, Chanchamayo, Chaupimarca, Chazuta, Chasuta, Dean Valdivia, Desaguadero, El Alto, Espinar, Eten, Fernando Lores, Ferrenafe, Guadalupe, Huacho, Huallanca, Hualmay, Huamachuco, Huancabamba, Huancane, Huancavelica, Huancayo, Huanchanco, Huanta, Huanuco, Huaral, Huaraz, Huaras, Huari, Huarmey, Huasahuasi, Huaura, Huayucachi, Huicungo, Iberia, Ica, Ignacio Escudero, Ilabaya, Ilave, Illimo, Ilo, Imperial, Iquitos, Jaen, Jauja, Jayanca, Jazan, Jepelacio, Juanjui, Juli, Juliaca, Junin, La Arena, La Brea, La Cruz, La Huaca, La Matanza, La Oroya, La Peca, La Union, Lagunas, Lamas, Lambayeque, Lampa, Laredo, Las Lomas, Lima, Callao, Lircay, Llata, Lluta, Los Aquijes, Los Organos, Machu Picchu, Macusani, Mala, Mancora, Manuel Mesones Muro, Manuel A. Mesones Mu, Marcavelica, Marcona, Matucana, Mazamari, Miraflores, Moche, Mochumi, Mollendo, Monsefu, Moquegua, Morococha, Morrope, Morropon, Motupe, Moyobamba, Nauta, Nazca, Nicolas de Pierola, Nueva Cajamarca, Nuevo Imperial, Nunoa, Olmos, Orcopampa, Orcotuna, Oropesa, Otuzco, Oxapampa, Oyon, Oyotun, Pacanga, Pacasmayo, Pachacutec, Pacocha, Padre Abad, Paijan, Paita, Palpa, Pampas, Pangoa, Papayal, Paramonga, Pardo Miguel, Pativilca, Paucartambo, Pedro Galvez, Perene, Pichanaqui, Picota, Picsi, Querecotillo, Quilmana, Quiruvilca, Ramon Castilla, Raymondi, Razuri, Reque, Requena, Ricardo Palma, Rio Grande, Rioja, Salas, Salaverry, Salitral, San Agustin, San Andres, San Clemente, San Ignacio, San Isidro, San Jacinto, San Jeronimo, San Jeronimo de Tunan, San Jose, San Jose de Sisa, San Juan Bautista, San Juan de Bigote, San Luis, San Miguel, San Miguel de Cauri, San Pedro de Cajas, San Pedro de Lloc, Tabalosos, Tacna, Talara, Parinas, Talavera, Tamarindo, Tambo, Tambo Grande, Tambopata, Tarapoto, Tarata, Tarma, Tingo Maria, Rupa Rupa, Tinyahuarco, Tocache, Torata, Trujillo, Tucume, Tumbes, Tupac Amaru Inca, Villa Tupac Amaru, Uchiza, Urcos, Urubamba, Vargas Guerra, Vegueta, Vice, Vichayal, San Felipe de Vichay, Villa Rica, Viru, Vista Alegre, Yanacancha, Yanahuanca, Yauli, Yauya, Yonan, Yucay, Yungay, Yunguyo, Yura, Yurimaguas Zarumilla, Zorritos


The Gospel of Jesus Christ will change your life.
It is liberating for all people everywhere, including:
Every Peruvian cultural and ethnic group:

Amerindian, Mestizo, White, Black, Japanese, Chinese, other

Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist,
Christians, Apostolic Pentecostals, others

Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Amazonian languages

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Jesus Christ -
The Most Phenomenal Human Who Ever Lived

What man can compare to Jesus? Who ever lived like Him?
Compare your hero to Jesus. (This is a challenge to skeptics.)

The Resurrection of the Dead
Jesus Christ is proof that the dead can live again.
The facts of history cannot be denied.
Jesus' death, burial and resurrection
are the key to eternal life!

Why am I living?
If there is NO God, and if there is no life after death,
then what is life all about? Read this!


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I know that Christian believers face
many challenges and difficulties in Peru.
I will add you to my prayer list and pray for you and your ministry.
Please tell me what you can about any
churches or ministers you know in Peru.

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Ken Raggio
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