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Christian Quotes by Ken Raggio
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Nutshell TRUTH
In A Nutshell

2000+ Christian Quotes
Affirming the Biblical Way of Life

by Ken Raggio

In the world of Facebook, Twitter and a menagerie of other social media platforms, the Christian message is often diluted by trite, cute, sometimes inaccurate sayings. Ken has used Facebook and Twitter to convey thousands of strong Biblical messages to his “friends” and “followers.” Now you can access them all in this new book, "Truth In A Nutshell."

You will sense the passion for keeping the authentic Book of Acts message alive. A lifetime of Holiness, Pentecostal preaching is reflected in these “TWEETS.” Truth, Righteousness and Holiness are indispensable pillars of Christian living. Many of these quotes have already been re-Tweeted to hundreds of thousands of people.


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"To attain to the mastery of the Bible, and to live by its teachings, is more rewarding by far than any other pursuit in life." - Ken Raggio

"The Bible is a harp with 1000 strings. Play them ignorantly - men beg for silence. Play them all skillfully - the angels sing." Ken Raggio

"There are more cobs in a kernel than there are kernels in one cob. There are more sermons in one verse than verses in a sermon." Ken Raggio

"Avoid reading the Bible like panning for gold; sifting nuggets on the surface. Dig deep! You will discover breathtaking riches!" Ken Raggio

"The entire KJV Bible can be read in only 72 hours. If you live 70 years, you could easily read the whole Bible 50 times." - Ken Raggio

"There is a reason why people do not read their Bibles. They are not interested. Everything in the world has priority over God." Ken Raggio

"The Bible: Almost 6 Billion in print, yet billions have never read one page. Preach it. Teach it. It is the Word of Life." - Ken Raggio

"My Father taught me to read the Bible, by sitting in his evening chair, day after day, year after year, his Bible in his lap." - Ken Raggio

"Nothing helps more than Truth, or harms more than error. Lies steal, kill and destroy. Truth makes you free. Jesus is Truth." - Ken Raggio

Truth will not sleep in the same bed with a lie. Until you hate, reject and put away every lie, you cannot possibly know the full truth.

Satan has many evil powers to deceive and delude. The only certain way to overcome those delusions is to stand uncompromisingly on the Word.

The Word of God is the supreme power and authority. Unbiblical preaching and all lies have evil powers, but TRUTH will rise to judge it all.

God rejects good works in lieu of obedience to His commandments. Cain's generous offering was rejected because it was doctrinally incorrect.

"I continually subject myself to the intense scrutiny of the Word of God. There is nowhere else to go to be infallibly judged." - Ken Raggio

I have many faults and failures. Where can I go for help? To whom? I know of no one but Jesus; no place but His Word for infallible counsel.

It does not matter how miserably you have failed - or how many times. It matters that you get up and finish the race.

Samson suffered several unbearable humiliations, but in his heart was the determination to finish strong. He did.

If a man will not answer to God about his living, do not expect him to answer to anyone else. The fear of God must be his prime motivator.

"How can I convince you that 2 hours a day with your Bible is infinitely more rewarding than 2 hours with TV, sports or music?" - Ken Raggio

"The Bible is the only true compass you will ever find." - Ken Raggio

Truth! Righteousness! Holiness!

Satan violently hates Truth and will do anything to silence or subvert it and those who love it. Raise the sword of God's Word against him.

This generation of Christians tolerates levels of sin, carnality and worldliness that NO OTHER generation of Christians would have allowed.

Centuries-old wars rage between carnally-minded Christians and Christians with deeply-held Biblical convictions. God will judge righteously.

Spend more time alone with God and His Word, and you will see more clearly how offensive the world and the ways of the world are to Him.

CHURCH is ECCLESIA: called OUT. Jesus called us OUT (away from). OUT of "Egypt." OUT of the world. Through a wilderness - into a holy place.

God is jealous of your affections. If you love the world or the things in it, He says that you do not love Him (see 1 John 2:15).

"This generation is reprobate, saying good is evil, evil is good; twisting and rejecting the Word of God (Rom1:28). Woes ahead!" Ken Raggio

"One cannot realize the subtle passing of time with one glance at a clock, nor the great depth of God with one Bible reading." Ken Raggio

"Your failure to study and understand the Bible from cover to cover renders your conclusions about the will of God unreliable." Ken Raggio

"Every verse in the Bible is one piece of a puzzle. You cannot complete the whole picture until you have studied every piece." Ken Raggio

"One seed has a tree, a flower, a fruit, a life in it. One Bible verse has a miracle, a healing, a revelation, an answer in it." Ken Raggio

"Burn your Bible. Scatter the ashes. Still, you will answer to everything in it, only you will no longer have it to guide you." - Ken Raggio

"There is no finer fellowship on earth than that between two Christians who dearly love the Word of God, sharing His treasures" - Ken Raggio

"There is no bigger problem in Christianity than ignorance of the Bible. People are destroyed by the absence of Bible knowledge." Ken Raggio

"Measure board. Cut. Discard ruler. Measure 2nd board by 1st, 3rd by 2nd, 4th by 3rd, etc. NOTHING fits! YOU without KJV Bible" - Ken Raggio

"1930: Michael Billester gave 1 Bible to a villager in remote Poland. 1940: 200 villagers together could quote almost whole Bible." - Ken Raggio

"Being a great Christian without mastery of the Word of God is as ill-conceived a notion as a great computer without software." - Ken Raggio

"How can we not realize that we do not love God's Word enough? Daily, soberly, seriously, prayerfully we should study the Bible." Ken Raggio

"Most people no longer seriously object to sin. Increasingly, they object to preachers." - Ken Raggio.

The Preacher's job is to speak the eternal Truth that will countermand every lie, and shine the Light that will dispel all the darkness.

What can you possibly do on Sunday that is more valuable than subjecting yourself to the preaching of the Word of God in Church? Nothing.

A man of God must "Preach the Word!" The Bible has 1200 pages. Twenty-minute weekly sermons with 3-4 verses will never accomplish that task.

A true man of God must cling absolutely to the Word of God and NEVER compromise with opposing values of society or of those he ministers to.

The first Church had no kids' programs, youth events, sports, media or concerts. Fire-baptized preaching built the Church. PREACH MORE WORD!

The world doesn't need cool preachers or cool Christians. The world needs fire-baptized men and women of God. Holy Ghost, Pentecostal fire.

Too many rising stars in religion are not stars at all; just space junk sparkling in a spotlight. Follow Jesus, the Bright and Morning Star.

Jesus did not build His Church to create rock stars. Music was a minor part of the early Church. Faith comes when THE WORD is preached.

God chose the foolishness of PREACHING to save those who believe. Fire-baptized preaching should be the main event in every Church service.

Ministers with great and godly convictions are ignored without gimmicks, song-and-dance, media shows or comedy routines; judged irrelevant.

If the preacher won't pull his shirt-tail out and grow a beard, nobody will listen to him? Men of God should model dignity, fad-resistance.

Too many ministries dance around Truth, but never quite get to it, teaching endless peripheral doctrines but never receiving the Holy Ghost.

It takes a big ego for a preacher to preach 2500 words from a 10-word scripture. We need more Bible, less filler.

One reason that false prophets, false pastors and false teachers proliferate today is because people support them. Itching ears love lies.

Jesus Christ baptizes believers in Holy Ghost fire to consume their carnality and worldliness, and supernaturally empower them to overcome.

There is no better way to overcome evil than to totally devote yourself to righteous living. Overcome evil by CONSUMING your time with good.

"Huge churches and movements thrive on deadly doctrinal errors. Protect yourself. Prayerfully, daily, study the Word of God." - Ken Raggio

"A blender will mix Water and Oil - temporarily. Hype, Music and Deception will mix the World and the Church - temporarily." Ken Raggio

One day in Church followed by six days of HBO, Comedy Central, Idol, sports, concerts, etc. is not Christianity, godliness, or holiness.

Many popular preachers preach great sermons mixed with deadly false doctrine - like a delicious fruit smoothie with Strychnine. Drink. Die.

I have read the Bible through dozens of times and one thing I know for sure. Too much of the preaching nowadays did not come from that book.

Popular trends are not holy. Holy trends are not popular. Do not follow religious movements or trends. They are deceptive. Follow the Bible.

A holy, sanctified culture in the Church is the only safe place of refuge for a society that is imploding under the load of its own chaos.

"When you first begin following someone in serious Biblical, doctrinal error, you are like a man taking his first hit of heroin."-Ken Raggio

JESUS: "Beware of false prophets sheep's clothing ...RAVENING WOLVES" (Mt. 7:15) - These fake men of God deceive the very best saints.

In a lifetime of ministry, I have been tortured by changes in religion like a small craft in a typhoon. I now trust nothing but the Bible.

Your power and authority in this world depends on your agreement with the Word of God. You lose ground every single time you contradict God.

They call it dancing for Jesus, but it originated in nightclubs and dance halls and profanes the House of God. Worship in Spirit and Truth.

Worldly-minded people usurp Churches and make them venues for less-than-divine purposes. The Church must be HOLY and BIBLICAL to save souls.

A man may teach a thousand sacred principles, yet people will follow a song-and-dance-man instead, and accuse the Preacher of irrelevance.

Jesus did not build His Church to create rock stars. Music was a VERY MINOR element of the Church. Preachers MUST repossess the Church.

A true Christian is a sin-hating, set-apart, consecrated, sanctified, Word-loving, God-fearing, Commandment-keeping, Fire-baptized believer.

Many of the finest Saints attend small obscure Churches. Most folks would not want their company because they are godly, not worldly-wise.

When you take God's side, you inherit His enemies. Men and devils who fight against God will fight against you. Take the Sword of the Lord.

"Satan will never stop trying to corner you. Make up your mind that you will come out fighting in Jesus' name every single time." Ken Raggio

The more you try to live by the Bible, the more you will find yourself in conflict with the world. The world will perish. The Word will not.

Trying to be true to the Word of God is likely to put you at odds with people you love dearly. If you choose them above God, you lose both.

Esther risked death to stop Haman's genocide. "If I perish, I perish." She came to the Kingdom for such a time. Destiny calls. Go bravely.

The Word of God is the supreme power and authority. Unbiblical preaching and all lies have evil powers, but TRUTH will rise to judge it all.

"The world resists ancient Bible values, so Churches lower the standards and compromise truth to hold crowds. That's apostasy!" - Ken Raggio

"People quit the Bible over verses they do not understand, yet could have found eternal life in the verses they do understand." Ken Raggio

"Anyone who compromises truth to gratify his ambitions will eventually despise what he has accomplished; if not here, in hell." Ken Raggio

This game-playing, idol-worshiping, dancing-with-the-stars generation has no idea what this means: "Humble yourself in the eyes of the Lord"

Modern social culture is toxic, deadly. The Church is supposed to be a sanctuary FROM the world. The Church MUST rid itself of worldliness.

Multitudes of Christians are falling off the cliff. The old preachers still beg people to stay away from the edge - resist the world's lure.

Delilah did not love Sampson. She was a subversive. Her assignment was to make him betray his holy consecration. Delilahs are everywhere.

"Push back. You do not have to accommodate the evil around you. Satan is a bully. God has him on a leash. Resist the Devil. He will flee."

"Will FOOTBALL judge the Church? They play by STRICT RULES while neo-Christians castigate rules, live loosely and exploit grace." Ken Raggio

"Men honor coaches who teach grueling athletic perfection. God honors men who teach sacrificial diligence to godly, holy living." Ken Raggio

You will pay a high price to do God's will, but you cannot afford the price of doing it your own way. God created you to do His will. Do it.

Grace is NOT God abandoning His principles to accommodate your worldliness. Grace is God staying His wrath because you renounced your sins.

"Do you waste hours daily with TV, Internet, music, sports, etc., and think that God is OK with no prayer, no Bible study, no talk of Him?"

PRIORITY is the right to precede others in rank and privilege. God owns priority over our time, talents and energy. He gets FIRST and BEST.

Nothing less than intense love for and devotion to the Word of God can produce real godliness. The Word cleanses and changes as you heed it.

"The whole lesson of the Bible is to fall out of love with temporal, earthly things, and in love with eternal, heavenly things." Ken Raggio

"Whether you go to Heaven or Hell, you will know that you should have lived every moment for Jesus Christ, and not for yourself." Ken Raggio

"When Pastors renounce the "relevance" mantra, and preach unbridled truth from God's Holy Word, hope will flood the Church." - Ken Raggio

"Modern Christianity is NOT the pattern. Do not pattern Church after modern things. Read the Book of Acts. THAT is the pattern." Ken Raggio

"Christians who fail do not make the Bible wrong. Christians who succeed do not make the Bible right. Truth needs no validation." Ken Raggio

"The world needs God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians to PUSH BACK against the darkness. STAND for Truth and Righteousness." - Ken Raggio

A lighthouse stands alone and still throughout the most terrifying of storms, unfailingly sending out its light. Christian, STAND! SHINE!

"It's not hard to live for God, or to do His will. You just have to want Him more than anything else in the world." - Ken Raggio

"If you will UNRESERVEDLY give your life to Jesus Christ, He will supernaturally lead you in the direction that you should go." Ken Raggio

"Satan is not your worst enemy. SELF-WILL is your worst enemy. Satan finds your lust and ambition as the open door to your soul." Ken Raggio

"Every carnal, worldly, selfish habit that we adamantly cling to becomes a besetting (hindering, obstructing, misleading) SIN." Ken Raggio

Why would anyone give up TV, sports, entertainment or music to have intimacy with God, and find infinite, eternal wisdom from His Holy Word?

"We love what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell, but godly men must hate sensual things and love the spiritual things of God." Ken Raggio

"You want to change the world, but YOU cannot. Only God can. You must totally sacrifice your will to GOD'S will. All else fails." Ken Raggio

"You can only do more for God by doing less for yourself. Self-willed people do not represent the Kingdom of Jesus Christ." - Ken Raggio

"Being a Christian must not be a big part of your life. It must be your whole life." - Ken Raggio

Every man of God must be willing to sacrifice everything he is and everything he has to do the will of God. Like Abraham, you will be tested.

"As his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day," Luke 4:16. Jesus went to the House of God every week. Do you?-Ken Raggio

"Why do we lust for cheap, temporal, evaporating pleasures, yet ignore priceless, eternal treasures overflowing in God's Word?" - Ken Raggio

"If you were ever closer to God, lived more holy, prayed more diligently, or hated sin more, to that degree you are backslid." - Ken Raggio

"Pastors used to inspire people by raising the bar. Now, it seems that many folks only want them to lower the bar." - Ken Raggio

"Churches spend more time teaching leadership skills than Bible doctrines. Now we have very skillful leaders leading us astray." -Ken Raggio

"Biblical preaching is disappearing. Christianity is being subverted. People want feel-good music and teaching. Preach the Word!" Ken Raggio

Jesus did not build His Church to create rock stars. Music was a VERY MINOR element of the Church. Preachers need to repossess the Church.

"I can never stop denouncing the world, the flesh and the devil. They are arch-enemies of our eternal souls. Walk in the Spirit!" Ken Raggio

"You are easy prey until you understand that Satan wants nothing less than your total destruction. This is spiritual war. FIGHT!" Ken Raggio

I have lost many strategic battles, but I have not yet lost the war. By the help of God, I fully intend to win it.

"Many people join a Church when they make friends there. They have no idea whether the message is Biblical. Too often it is not." Ken Raggio

"Every great spiritual revival in history was led by men who were consumed by desire to know God. Can such a man be found today?" Ken Raggio

The old preachers saved with fear pulling them out of the fire. The new preachers say, "Don't worry! Be happy. There is no fire!" Deceivers.

"Picture this: A man running, screaming, through the flames of hell - looking for the preacher who lied to him." - Ken Raggio

"Preaching about hell, fire and brimstone is as legitimate and needed as any doctrine in the Bible. Hell is real and horrifying." Ken Raggio

"BE YE..." in Bible: "BE YE transformed" "BE YE holy in all manner of conversation" "BE YE therefore sober" "BE YE separate, saith the Lord"

"CHOOSE... Darkness or Light? Death or Life? Temporal or Eternal? Damnation or Salvation? Hell or Heaven? Carnal or Spiritual? Lies or Truth?"

"No Preacher, Church, or Denomination is the Standard. God's Word is the Standard. Know it. Live it. You will be judged by it." Ken Raggio

"The straight-forward preaching of God's Word may dispel some, but it will enliven those who remain. Let the Word be unfettered." Ken Raggio

If you are not diligently following the eternal Word of God, then you are on your own, making up rules as you go. That is a fatal strategy.

"True greatness is total conformity to the will and Word of God. Carnally-minded people will not think you are great. God will." Ken Raggio

"God will sooner meet a poor man in a cave than a rich man in a Cathedral. Men reverence wealth; God, the broken and contrite." - Ken Raggio

"In all of time and space is no greater wonder than that the infinite, invisible Spirit we call God manifested as Jesus Christ." - Ken Raggio

"No man can come to me, except the Father ...draw him." John 6:44" Angels directed shepherds to Jesus' manger. A star guided the wise men."

"I called [Abraham] alone, and blessed him." God calls you apart from the world and casts you in a divine role. Play the role." - Ken Raggio

"You are a spirit. Your body is only a temporary husk. Prepare for eternity. Don't waste your life on the husk." - Ken Raggio

"A caterpillar must lose himself to become a butterfly. A sinner must lose himself to become a saint. Out with Old. In with New." Ken Raggio

"If you give yourself to the world, the flesh or the devil, you will certainly be betrayed in the end. Give yourself wholly, holy to God."

"A born-again Christian has two natures: old carnal man, new spiritual man. The old must die daily. The new is the Holy Spirit." - Ken Raggio

The entire early Church was "Pentecostal." They spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. Biblical Christianity is Pentecostal.

Something is fundamentally wrong when the bulk of professing Christians refute the Pentecostal experience. The Church was BORN Pentecostal!

Pentecostalism is not an aberration of Christianity. It IS Christianity. All the apostles and saints in the first Church spoke in tongues.

"Mainstream" Christianity relegates Pentecostalism to the fringe. But in the Apostles' day, there were no non-Pentecostal Christians.

Worldly-minded people have always tried to hijack the Church to use it for less than divine purposes. Church MUST be Biblical to save souls.

"A 'Carnal Christian' is an oxymoron. 'Carnal' is selfish, worldly and sinful. 'Christian' is godly, heavenly and holy." - Ken Raggio

"Modern Christianity is under a euphoric delusion that God is OK with carnal, worldly, selfish, vain and idolatrous living." - Ken Raggio

"Saying "Relationship, not Religion!" is a deceptive mantra that has turned many from Biblical discipline to spiritual anarchy" - Ken Raggio

They told me, "God doesn't care how you dress and act, if you go to movies or dances, or smoke, drink or cuss a little." They lied.

Trying to be true to the Word of God is likely to put you at odds with people you love dearly. If you choose them above God, you lose both.

"Many never intended to stray so far from God, but Satan lured them step-by-step, until they could not find their way back." - Ken Raggio

"Some Christians sweetly sing 'I Surrender All,' but would kick you in the shins if you try to take certain things from them." - Ken Raggio

"You will never know how much being carnal and worldly has cost you, until you begin to earnestly seek to know God intimately." - Ken Raggio

"Unless we acknowledge the sinfulness of our carnality, worldliness, and vanity, we are phony spiritual leaders, unlike Jesus." - Ken Raggio

To viciously condemn holiness as "LEGALISM!" and viciously defend worldly, carnal, selfish living is to see right as wrong, wrong as right.

"Holiness is NOT legalism. Legalism enforces non-Biblical rules. Commandments to be holy are the heart and soul of the Bible." Ken Raggio

Pharisees made the TORAH (Scriptures) of no effect by enforcing the TALMUD (traditions). THAT is legalism. BIBLE PREACHING is not legalism.

Symptoms of Pharisees' legalism: audacious public prayers, showy religious ornaments, and obnoxious pride. Saints must be humble and modest.

HOLINESS is not mystically imparted from heaven. It is your personal consecration to be unspotted, and separate from the world. (James1:27)

The modern Christian's alarm system is broken. Damnable sin, carnality and worldliness trigger no guilt or conviction. Conscience is seared.

If God works mercifully in your life yet you ultimately do not repent of your sinful ways, the end will be worse than the beginning.

If Sodom had only a small Church with ten saints, it would not have perished. No matter how evil your surroundings, be holy for God's sake.

Truth! Righteousness! Holiness!

"You can no sooner void the commandments of God with unbelief or rebellion, than you can put out the sun with a water pistol." - Ken Raggio

"Pharaoh to Moses: "Take away the frogs!" Moses: "When?" Pharaoh: "Tomorrow." Everybody wants to get right with God tomorrow." - Ken Raggio

You can fervently study God's Word and learn divine, eternal wisdom or fill your head with sports, entertainment, politics and other swill.

Water baptism is to bury those who die to sin by repenting. If you still love the world, the flesh and devil, baptism only buries you alive.

"The National Anthem Of Hell: Everybody Does It!" - Ken Raggio

"Sin began in paradise. Utopia does not inhibit sin. There may be forbidden fruit in your health, success, prosperity. Beware!" - Ken Raggio

"Nobody but Jesus can give us true value and eternal rewards in exchange for our sinful, condemned souls." - Ken Raggio

"God knows all. We do not. He sees all. Hears all. We cannot. He has all power. We illogically trust ourselves, and doubt Him." - Ken Raggio

"A cog cannot understand the whole machine, nor can a saint understand all that God is doing in his life. Just be a willing cog." Ken Raggio

"Three Hebrews were thrown into the fiery furnace, but walked out unscathed. Fire is the thoroughfare to your divine destiny." Ken Raggio

"Prayerlessness tells God that you think you can get along fine without Him. Prayerfulness proves that you know you cannot." - Ken Raggio.

"Pray as much as you can, for as many things as you can, as often as you can, in Jesus' name." - Ken Raggio

"God's Promises fuel your prayers like firewood in a stove. If your prayers are smoldering, throw another Promise on the fire." - Ken Raggio

"If Job's friends had perceived that he was undergoing a divinely-ordained trial, they would have comforted him, not condemned." Ken Raggio

If Abraham had prayed one more time, instead of stopping when he did, he might have saved Sodom and Gomorrah. Pray once more. Save one more.

If Peter had stayed awake to pray with Jesus in Gethsemane, he might not have denied Christ later that night. WATCH: stay up nights to pray.

"God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you," 1Samuel 12:23. Failing to pray for friends is a sin against God.

Excel in your career. Perfect your sport. Hone your talents. But if you failed to pray, study the Word, know and do God's will, you FAILED.

"FASTING subdues the natural man. PRAYER fortifies the spiritual man. Crucify flesh. Empower Spirit. You decrease, He increases."- Ken Raggio

"I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all." - Apostle Paul, 57AD / Ken Raggio, 2011AD

The first Church was not intellectual, academic, rich or elite, but simple people full of the Holy Ghost. They turned the world upside down.

"FAITH: A step in God's direction. HOPE: Confidence in an unseen portion. LOVE: A choice to do the highest good for someone." - Ken Raggio

"Faith is hearing His voice in the distance, and walking toward it." - Ken Raggio.

"Faith, hope and love require truth, righteousness, holiness. Faith in lies, hope in sin, love for unholy deludes and destroys" - Ken Raggio

That we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve him holiness and righteousness ...all the days of our life.Luke1:74

"Holiness is a place apart from the things that God forbids." - Ken Raggio

If I didn't know that God would forgive me, I would be hopeless. HOPE comes from GRACE. He has given us "hope through grace," 2 Thess. 2:16.

"JOY SPRINGS FROM HOPE. Hope is confidence that God has an unseen portion [Lamentation 3:24, Romans 8:24]. NO HOPE, NO JOY." - Ken Raggio

"Remove the effect of the resurrection of Jesus from all the pages of human history and the world today would be unrecognizable." Ken Raggio

"No belief will ever affect your destiny more than what you believe about the empty tomb of Christ. Hope begins or ends there." - Ken Raggio

"My great hope is that my Creator will steadfastly guide me through this maze, never abandoning, until it opens brightly into His Presence."

"Love is 'the bond of perfectness' (Colossians 3:14). Love is the perfect glue." - Ken Raggio

"Love is a choice to do the highest good you can for someone." - Ken Raggio

"Grace originates in and comes from the heart of God. It is not a carnal virtue. Stumble not when men neither forgive nor forget"-Ken Raggio

A dog can whip a skunk, but it's not worth it. Think before you tangle with someone. "Suffer yourselves to be defrauded" 1 Corinthians 6:7

"Finding faults in others is the easiest occupation on earth. Faults are everywhere to be found. Fault-finding is not a virtue." -Ken Raggio


"The Law demanded death for sin. Jesus paid off the Law, and told the sinner to 'Come to me,' instead." - Ken Raggio

"A High Priest went yearly to the Mercy Seat with sacrificial blood. Jesus went once to the Throne in Heaven with His own blood." Ken Raggio

"We must reject the Law as a means unto salvation. Still, we must obey God's law, knowing that salvation can only come by Grace."-Ken Raggio

"If a man will not answer to God about his living, do not expect him to answer to anyone else. The fear of God must be his prime motivator."

"Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace is knowing that God rules over the conflict." - Ken Raggio

"Faith, Hope, and Love are divine, but the greatest wealth of God is in ignored Bible truths that only a hungry soul can find." - Ken Raggio

"I am an unapologetic propagandist for Repentance, Baptism in Jesus' name, Holy Ghost Baptism and Holiness, without which no man will see God"

"Fish live in water. Mammals live in air. Saints live in the Holy Ghost. In Him we live, move, and have our being (Acts 17:28)." Ken Raggio

"Why do professing Christians not discuss Jesus and scriptures as often and enthusiastically as celebrities, movies and sports?" -Ken Raggio

"America sorely needs heroic Patriots to preserve the nation, but far more, it needs heroic Spirit-filled Christians to lead it back to God"

"No man or government is exempt from God's promise to bless those who bless, or curse those who curse Israel. Be very careful." - Ken Raggio

"Bible prophecies are not predictions, but divine announcements. When they occur, you will know that God controls the future." - Ken Raggio

"The first prophecy in the Bible is that a Seed would be born of woman who would stomp Satan's head. Satan's Doom! Hallelujah!" - Ken Raggio

"Imagine a shepherds' field, dark, cold, quiet; the village of Bethlehem in view. Imagine an angel announcing a baby born there. God with us!" - Ken Raggio

"Christmas is most wonderful for children. It should be. It celebrates a baby - God's only begotten man-child. Jesus!" - Ken Raggio

"'Antichrist,' 'Armageddon,' 'Mark of the Beast,' are proprietary terms. God owns them. He defines them and will fulfill them." - Ken Raggio

"The Play will soon end. The Author will appear on stage. Every human who ever lived will see Him. There will be shock and awe." -Ken Raggio

Jesus will soon return to wage the battle of Armageddon. He will overthrow His adversaries and rule the earth from Jerusalem for 1000 years.

Some day you will hear that Ken Raggio is dead. Don't you believe a word of it! At that moment I shall be more alive than I am now; I shall have gone up higher, that is all, out of this old clay tenement into a house that is immortal - a body that death cannot touch, that sin cannot taint; a body fashioned like unto His glorious body. (Borrowed quote, originally from Dwight L Moody.)

Favorite Quotes from other Authors:

"What I believe about God is the most important thing about me.” - A.W. Tozer

"God himself has condescended to teach me the way. He has written it down in a book. Oh, give me that book! At any price..." - John Wesley.

"One of the many divine qualities of the Bible is that it does not yield its secrets to the irreverent and the censorious." - James Packer

"You may as well quit reading and hearing the Word of God, and give it to the devil if you do not desire to live according to it." - Martin Luther

"No man is uneducated who knows the Bible, and no one is wise who is ignorant of its teachings." Samuel Chadwick, 1860-1932.

“When there's something in the Bible that churches don't like, they call it 'legalism.'” - Leonard Ravenhill

“Accusations of “legalism” are the first defense of the man (or woman) who is ashamed and reluctant to repent.” Geoffrey Botkin

"The Bible is no mere book, but it's a living creature with a power that conquers all who oppose it." - Napoleon

"The more you read the Bible; and the more you meditate on it, the more you will be astonished with it." - C.H. Spurgeon

"Maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a policeman." - author unknown

"I may ask God 'Why?' but FAITH does not." - JW Harrell

"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear." - Herbert Agar

"Depend on it, my hearer, you never will go to heaven unless you are prepared to worship Jesus Christ as God." - Charles Spurgeon.

"The true man of God is heartsick, grieved at the worldliness of the Church, grieved at the toleration of sin in the Church." - L Ravenhill

"Men may spurn our appeals, reject our message, oppose our arguments, despise our persons, but they are helpless against our prayers." -Sidlow Baxter

"The world has yet to see what God will do with, and for, and through, and in, and by, the man who is fully consecrated to Him." - John Knox

"You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness." - C.S. Lewis

"We are a long time in learning that all our strength and salvation is in God," David Brainerd

"Before we can pray, 'Lord, Thy Kingdom come,' we must be willing to pray, 'My Kingdom go.'" Alan Redpath, 1907-1989

"We can stand affliction better than we can prosperity, for in prosperity we forget God." Dwight L. Moody

"Fiery trials make golden Christians." - Charles Spurgeon

"God's wounds cure. Sin's kisses kill." - William Gurnall

"When God is going to do greatness, He incubates you in obscurity." - T.D. Jakes

"I will place no value on anything I have or may possess except in relation to the kingdom of Christ" - Missionary David Livingstone 1813-73

"The whole cross is more easily carried than the half. The man who tries to make the best of both worlds makes nothing of either" H.Drummond

"Carnal people cannot lead others to a spiritual destiny." - Greg Hardin

"How can you pull down strongholds of Satan if you don’t even have the strength to turn off your TV?" - Leonard Ravenhill, 1907-1994

"It is great dishonesty for persons to profess to serve the Lord, and yet in reality serve themselves." - Charles Finney

"...multitudes of persons, professing to fear God, ...have other things to which their hearts are supremely devoted." - Charles Finney

"The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried." - G.K. Chesterton

"It requires more courage to keep to the old paths than it does to follow after novelties." - A.W. Pink, 1886–1952

"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by old-fashioned preaching." - Dr. Jack Hyles, 1926-2001

"The men who have done the most for God in this world have been early on their knees." - E. M. Bounds

"As is the business of tailors to make clothes and cobblers to make shoes, so it is the business of Christians to pray." - Martin Luther

"You can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed." John Bunyan

"Only one life,’ twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last." - David Livingstone, 1813-1873

"Build your nest upon no tree here; for you see God has sold the forest to death." - Samuel Rutherford

"You cannot make a sinner into a saint by killing him. He who does not live as a saint here will never live as a saint hereafter." CSpurgeon

"If God does not save men by truth, He certainly will not save them by lies. And if the old gospel is not competent to work a revival, then we will do without the revival." - Charles Spurgeon

"We must not select a few favorite passages to the exclusion of others. Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian." AWTozer

"Things that are sometimes thought to be hardest to defend are also the things that are most worth defending." - Rev. Gresham Machen, 1923

"I'd rather speak the truth that hurts then heals, than to speak a lie that comforts then kills." - Adrian Rogers

"If you are not making people mad or glad, there is something amiss with your ministry." - Smith Wigglesworth

"We should no more tolerate false doctrine that we would tolerate sin." - J.C. Ryle

"Christians should be grave and serious, though cheerful and pleasant. They should feel that they have great interests at stake, and that the world has too. They are redeemed—not to make sport; purchased with precious blood—for other purposes than to make men laugh. They are soon to be in heaven—and a man who has any impressive sense of that will habitually feel he has much else to do than to make men laugh. The true course of life is midway between moroseness and levity; sourness and lightness; harshness and jesting. Be benevolent, kind, cheerful, bland, courteous—but serious. Be solemn, thoughtful, deeply impressed with the presence of God and with eternal things—but pleasant affable and benignant. Think not a smile sinful; but think not levity and jesting harmless." - Albert Barnes

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmond Burke

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle" Edmond Burke

"If you young fellows were wise, the devil couldn't do anything to you, but since you aren't wise, you need us who are old." - Martin Luther

"God's blessings and curses speak to the end of a matter. What appears blessed may be cursed. What appears cursed may be blessed" JW Harrell

"I really can't turn back, some may be using my tracks. I see one more bend. That just might be this road's end" - LongWindingRoad, M.Mangun

"I was cradled in the home of piety, ...with the holiest example of my parents, prevent me running into sin." - Charles Spurgeon

"If you be a Christian, be a Christian, and be a marked and distinct one." - Charles Spurgeon

"If you don't know what you are willing to die for, then you don't know what you are living for." - Unknown

"Every uncorrected error and unrepented sin is ...a fountain of fresh error and fresh sin flowing on to the end of time." - CS Lewis

"The quickest way to get your Holy Ghost Fire going again is by throwing your favorite idol on it. Nothing burns hotter and faster than personal sacrifice." - Rob McKee

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, ...he sends out a tiny ripple of hope." - Robert Kennedy, 1966

“This nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ." Patrick Henry, 1765.

"Remember who is ultimately in control. It is not any government, ...not Bilderberg, ...not Rockefeller. It is the GOD OF ISRAEL." - R Watts

"An eternal...lapse of moments is ever hurrying the Day of the Evil to an Eternal Night,and the Night of the Just to an Eternal Day"-HBStowe

William Booth (1829-1912, Founder of Salvation Army) said, "The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, heaven without hell."

Martin Luther once said, "If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest expression every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved, and to be steady on all the battlefield besides, is mere flight and disgrace, if he flinches at that point."

"In Shansi I found Chinese Christians who were accustomed to spend time in fasting and prayer. They recognized that this fasting, which so many dislike, which requires faith in God, since it makes one feel weak and poorly, is really a Divinely appointed means of grace. Perhaps the greatest hindrance to our work is our own imagined strength; and in fasting we learn what poor, weak creatures we are-dependent on a meal of meat for the little strength which we are so apt to lean upon." - Hudson Taylor

"When I was a little girl, I went to my father and said, 'Daddy, I am afraid that I will never be strong enough to be a martyr for Jesus Christ.'” “Tell me,” said Father, “When you take a train trip to Amsterdam, when do I give you the money for the ticket? Three weeks before?” “No, Daddy, you give me the money for the ticket just before we get on the train.” “That is right,” my father said, “and so it is with God’s strength. Our Father in Heaven knows when you will need the strength to be a martyr for Jesus Christ. He will supply all you need—just in time." - Corrie ten Boom

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