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Greater Works Than These Shall Ye Do

Some say miracles have ceased. They need to wake up.

By Ken Raggio

Jesus' foreknowledge and perception of the last days Church was very revealing.

"He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father," John 14:12

Jesus foresaw a Church in the last days doing greater works than He had done. That is very interesting. Does "greater works" mean more miracles? Does it mean more devils cast out? ...more dead raised? ...more sick healed?

Greater works!

I believe that it certainly specifies something more spectacular than the relatively small scale, regional impact He made in little more than three years in the region of Galilee.

He turned water into wine. Will we be able to duplicate that? More than that - if we believe His words. I can remember the testimonies of at least two of our pioneer preachers from the first half of the 20th century testifying that the Lord turned water into gasoline, so they could get their automobiles to their next preaching point!

Jesus miraculously retrieved gold coins from a fish's mouth.

Can we do greater than that? If we believe! Many years ago, when my wife and I were young and traveling in the ministry, we faced a time of financial need. We were down to our last dime. My wife prayed and asked God for enough money to go to the grocery story for some much-needed groceries. Only a few minutes later, our nine year old boy came rushing into the house with several dollars he had just found lying in the grass in an open field! She had her groceries!

The Early Church healed the sick, the blind, the deaf, the crippled.

Will this modern Church do any greater than that? In a Church we formerly pastored, a member of our congregation went to pray for a bedfast relative who was in the final stages of cancer. The relative had been Spirit-baptized, but had never been water-baptized. At her request, the saint lifted her out of bed, and baptized her in a bathtub, in Jesus' name. A week later, a startled doctor examined her and informed her that the cancer had gone into complete remission, and she lived many more years. In one act of obedient faith, her sins and her disease were washed away!

Which of Jesus' miracles will we fail to see? Blind eyes open?

A ten-year-old girl visiting our Church was legally blind. She was managing an acute case of glaucoma (pressure in the eyeballs) with medication. Severe astigmatism caused her eyes to twitch constantly, and vision in her best eye was 20/80. She and her family had never been to a Pentecostal Church. The first time they visited, her aunt asked us to pray for her eyes.

As she and her mother walked down the aisle to have the minister pray for her, one of the saints ministered in the gift of tongues. Another interpreted, by the gift of the interpretation of tongues. The Spirit of the Lord said," I am Jehovah Rapha of the Old Testament - the Lord that Healeth. I am Jesus Christ of the New (Testament). I took thirty-nine stripes for your healing, and tonight I will heal you." Instantly, the girl cried out, "I can see!"

Her mother tested her to see if it was so. It was. When her father, who was sitting on the back row, realized that his daughter had just received a miracle, he stood and began to worship the Lord. Immediately, he was baptized in the Holy Ghost, and began to speak in unknown tongues.

That week, their doctor confirmed that the glaucoma and astigmatism were gone. He discontinued the medication, and found the vision in her best eye was 20/20. She no longer needed corrective lenses.

When her family and friends learned about her miracle of being healed of blindness, they started coming to Church to see and hear more about the power of GOD. Within a few weeks of that miracle, more than forty of her friends and relatives gave their lives to God, were baptized in Jesus' name, and received the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues.

Greater works!

But Jesus healed the lepers! Can such a miracle happen today?

A young couple came visiting our Church. Their infant son was covered with a skin abnormality that appeared as festered splotches from head to toe. It looked like a severe case of chicken pox. The condition had persisted for months. Doctors in three hospitals had run extensive tests without identifying the cause. No treatment was helping.

In a Sunday night service, the visiting minister, exercising the gift of prophecy, told the parents that the baby would be healed by the next morning. Around 8:30 a.m. the following day, the mother and grandmother brought the baby to the parsonage door. Overnight, the child had developed an entirely new layer of fresh, pink skin. There were no scars or marks remaining. That baby was completely healed.

On another occasion, I was called to the bedside of a woman who had suffered for three months with an acute case of shingles. From her waist to her feet, she was covered with scabs, and was suffering excruciating pain. Two of her sisters waited on her day and night as she suffered from those shingles. When I began to pray, the Holy Spirit came over me and I began to pray in unknown tongues. For several minutes, I could do nothing else but pray in the Spirit. When I finished, I briefly greeted the family members, then left.

Very early the next morning, my telephone rang. It was one of the sisters. She was ecstatic! She said, "We have been up all night long watching these scabs fall off my sister's legs. She is completely healed of these shingles!" I was delighted!

Are these greater works than what the ancient Church did?

You'd better believe it! All around the world, the true Church is experiencing mighty manifestations of the power of Jesus Christ in greater numbers and with greater frequency than in ancient days.

Their demons kept men from leading "normal" lives.

In Luke 10, the seventy disciples returned to Jesus with joy, saying, "Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name." And He said unto them, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." Since Satan's fall, he has oppressed and taken men captive at his will (see 2 Timothy 2:26). Satan is a hostage-taker and a kidnapper. He only comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Satan afflicts men and women spiritually, physically and mentally. Unclean spirits sometimes oppress their victims with bodily infirmities, sometimes by filling their minds with confusion and chaos, manifesting as mental illness.

Can the Church today deliver this kind?

A lady member of our Church congregation had experienced mental anguish for years, due to recurrent frightening nightmares, and unexplained night terrors which would frequently awaken all of her children simultaneously. The entire family testified of hearing footsteps on the floor and voices from nowhere. When I inquired about her background, I learned that in her childhood, and prior to her conversion, several members of her family had consulted various kinds of spiritualists and soothsayers. The entire family had a history of dealing with familiar spirits.

I began to speak to the unclean spirits, rebuking them in Jesus' name, and commanding them to leave this family and their home. Directly, the night terrors and torments ceased. The oppressing spirits were driven out. This lady's entire countenance and state of mind improved profoundly.

Fasting and prayer brings victory.

I was witness to a miracle that took place in a Sunday night service not long ago. A gentleman from out-of-town was visiting while en route to Houston, Texas for medical tests for his eyes. For an entire year, a debilitating eye infection had reduced his vision to 20/200 - almost completely blind. His wife had to drive, because he could no longer see to drive. The doctors had tried various treatments with no success.

But he came forward for prayer, and several men laid hands on him and prayed the prayer of faith. The next day, in Houston, the doctor examined him and found that the disease had completely disappeared from his eyes, and his vision had returned to 20/40 in one eye and 20/20 in the other. An amazing miracle had taken place overnight!

In Churches far and wide, the Holy Ghost is doing miracles as men and women fast, and pray, and believe God to do greater works. As in no other religion on earth, Christian believers' reports abound of cripples walking away from wheelchairs, deaf ears unstopping, diseases disappearing, and miraculous occurrences of all kinds and categories.

Satan and all the principalities of darkness are being challenged and defeated by saints of God who dare to move in the direction of Biblical faith.

Whether it is a simple prayer for God to revive a group of young people, or for God to put conviction on a backslider, or to heal a friend's sickness, God still responds to the Church in signs and wonders and miracles as much today as He ever did. And more! Greater works!

This is not only for a handful of specially gifted ministers.

The power of God is the same for the pastor of a tiny home missions work as He is for the nationally recognized evangelist, or the seasoned foreign missionary. Even the least significant person in our midst can witness the miraculous power of God by simply believing. You can have a miracle today! Believe God!

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