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Israel Flag
Israel In The
New Millennium

How the CFR and the Roman Catholic Church
are setting the stage for Armageddon

by Barry Chamish
January 1999

Background- Don't believe anything you are told by the mainstream media.

It is not for me to argue in favor of the existence of the New World Order conspiracy. What is unarguable is that literally every American politician who left a profound legacy on the Middle East, and especially Israel, was and is a member of the Manhattan think tank considered the headquarters of the NWO, the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). A short list of some of the better known characters would include Henry Kissinger and his deputy Joseph Sisco, Cyrus Vance, James Baker, Warren Christopher, Walter Mondale, Madeleine Albright et al. Beneath this level of public exposure lies an insidious cabal of CFR members such as Edgar Bronfman, head of the World Jewish Congress and Henry Seigman, chairman of the American Jewish Congress, who exert a powerful influence on Israeli and Diaspora leaders and ultimately on Jewish public opinion. All the evidence more than just indicates that the current Middle East peace process was hatched by the CFR and is promoted with all the necessary weapons at its disposal.

This peace process is a surefire formula for war...and soon. The year 2000 will most likely see Israel and its neighbors caught up in bloody turmoil.

The Oslo Accords- Made in New York

In August 1993, the Israeli government headed by Yitzhak Rabin announced that it was on the verge of signing a "peace" accord with the PLO. The American public was told that Washington was completely caught off guard by the announcement and was even angry for being left out of the negotiations held in Oslo.

Later testimony by actors in the Oslo Accord tell a very different story. In February, 1994 I interviewed one of the two Israeli Oslo negotiators, Ron Pundak. He told me that, "From the first day we arrived in Oslo we coordinated our negotiations with the State Department. At the end of each day's sessions, we reported back to Washington. Warren Christopher was very skeptical at first, but later became most helpful to us."

In August 1995, Rabin told NY Times columnist William Safire that he never wanted to become involved with this peace process. He admitted that he was ordered to by President George Bush at a meeting in Kennebunkport, Maine in September, 1992. Bush demanded that Rabin, "prepare the Israeli public for some painful withdrawals." The CFR had long before corrupted Rabin, in large part through his "friendship" with Kissinger and now was calling in its cards. The same grooming and corrupting process has taken place throughout the top rungs of the Israeli political leadership, including with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who has now isolated himself from his government by carrying on what Rabin was forced to begin: Israel's weakening and then demise.

Goals Of "Peace"

Although Rabin was the tool to sell Oslo to the Israeli public, the ultimate goals of this peace process were taken over by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and his deputy, Yossi Beilin. Ron Pundak noted, "Beilin doesn't believe in borders. He thinks they are the root cause of conflict and doesn't care if Israel loses hers." Shimon Peres advanced such thinking with a program he called The New Middle East. In his vision, Israel would give up its present borders, including its most vital strategic positions, to join in an economic union with its Arab neighbors. To secure the pullback of Israel's present borders to those of 1948, some 200,000 Jews would have to be removed from their homes. The Israeli government, through Beilin, obligated itself to carrying out a plan of delegitimization, in fact demonization, of the Jewish residents of the Administered Territories and later the Golan Heights, as a prelude to their forced removal.

The secret clauses of Oslo were leaked by an alarmed employee of a government ministry, first to Jerusalem Post reporter Steve Rodan. After a three month fact checking period, the Post printed the less frightening details on its front page and suffered expensive government retaliation immediately after.

Through an intermediary, I was given the details of what the Post backed off printing, which I published in my newsletter Inside Israel. Beilin's plan called for a covert war against the "settlers" or Jewish residents of disputed territories, which included incriminating the innocent in timely outrages and murdering public figures to instill terror and uncertainty. This plan ultimately led to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

When these charges were first published, there was widespread disbelief that the political leadership of Israel could be so evil. Today in Israel, thanks to the bungled Rabin murder, perhaps a third of the public accept that this covert war did take place and is still taking place.

It is inevitable, that by the year 2000, the festering cover-up of the Rabin assassination will finally break down. When the truth comes out, that Rabin's convicted assassin was a minor fall guy for a high level international conspiracy, and that the leaders of the ruling Labor government carried out the hit, a sense of utter dismay and abandonment will erode the very foundations of Labor Zionism. The effects will be profound beyond immediate comprehension. One would hope that the ultimate result will be a massive reform of the Israeli political system.

What The Outsiders Want

In July, 1997, the CFR finally revealed its plans for Israel in its Middle East Task Force report, headed by Henry Seigman. All doubts about the CFR's intentions evaporated in the report. It was recommended that Israel withdraw to its 1948 lines, that Jerusalem be divided and that half the city be the capital of a Palestinian state. The world now knew for a written fact what were the ultimate goals of the diplomacy of CFR members Albright and Clinton. The task force report was a formula for guaranteed war.

And, in fact, on a global plane, what has been done to Israel is no different than what was previously and subsequently arranged for Bosnia, Croatia, Rwanda, Somalia, Kosovo et al. Bitter enemies were armed to the teeth and through diplomacy, forced to cooperate with each other elbow to elbow. One spark was all that was needed to explode numerous peoples placed in this situation recently and that spark will fly in Israel before or during the year 2000. Probably several months before.

Superficially, Israel is just another in a long line of nations chosen for chaos in preparation for the international change of status quo called the New World Order. But there is far more to the story and it centers around Jerusalem.

There is a much symbolism surrounding Jerusalem and the end of the millennium and not a few people want a piece of the city when the flames die down. First among them is the Vatican. In a story broken first by La Stampa in Italy and Shishi in Israel, and later verified with documented proof in Haaretz, in May 1993, Shimon Peres promised the pope hegemony of the Old City of Jerusalem by the end of the year 2000. In October of 1998, the Vatican forced out Hebrew University, the tenants of a large property they own in West Jerusalem and are now building an embassy to be opened prior to the millennium. Barely a month later, the Holy See demanded a say in the final status of Jerusalem as dictated by the first Oslo Accord.

If the Vatican gets its way and inherits political control over the holy sites of Jerusalem, it will be greeted by many hundreds of thousands of Protestant groups from America and Europe who are planning to descend on the city prior to and during the year 2000 in anticipation of a messianic return. To satisfy these hopes, prophecies of Gog and Magog may have to be self-fulfilled.

The War Of The Millennium

War is a near certainty and numerous scenarios could presage it. Most likely it boils down to the PLO and its sister organizations creating some atrocity too big for Israel to ignore. Troops will try to crush the Palestinian Authority and neighboring Arab states will attack Israel on land or with missiles to defend Islamic honor. Israel, now withdrawn from many of its most strategic defensive positions, and with an army of 50,000 PLO "policemen" standing mere meters from its cities will be overwhelmed and forced to use unconventional weapons. The big powers will then step in, send foreign (i.e. UN) troops en masse to keep the peace, dictate terms over the sovereignty of Jerusalem and greet the new millennium with a New World Order.

Barry Chamish is a controversial investigative reporter who covers Middle Eastern events in the light of the New World Order agenda. My article, Will the United Nations and the Vatican rule Jerusalem? reveals a secret agreement between Shimon Peres and the Vatican to grant the Catholic church hegemony over Old Jerusalem. Barry sent this article to me years ago with permission to republish it here. It continues to expose the work of the New World Order and the Roman Catholic Church in Israel's internal affairs. While I do not always agree with Barry's conclusions, I do agree with this one. You should also take a look at my article entitled The Roadmap for Peace which gives you much more insight on what is going on presently in Middle East negotiations.

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