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London Riots
Lucifer Will Have
Before God Intervenes

The New World Order Will Plunge The World Into Chaos.

PHOTO: London Riots - 2011

By Ken Raggio

Before you read this, I will tell you that I first wrote this article February 1, 1999. That should add an interesting twist, in the light of the global economic meltdown that began around 2008. Perhaps you will see how accurate it was.

(I have only updated a few pertinent points that have developed since I first wrote the article.)

I am a blue-blooded conspiracy hound. Ever since reading (in 1971) Gary Allenís book, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," I have been fully convinced of the role of the wealthy elite in imposing its Luciferic New World Order in our day.

I have been convinced for over forty years now of the role of Adam Weishauptís "Order of the Illuminati" in engaging worldwide 33rd Degree Freemasonry to implement the Luciferic schemes of New World Order. It is NOT a theory. It is a deadly reality.

The Round Table groups of Europe and the Council on Foreign Relations in NYC, USA are well-known think-tank organizations which have worked feverishly for more than a century to promote the Great Plan of the "Enlightened" Illuminati.

A.K. Chesterton said in "The New Unhappy Lords: An Exposure of Power Politics" (1970), "I claim... the existence of a conspiracy for the DESTRUCTION of the Western World as the prelude for shepherding mankind into a sheep's pen run as a prelude to One World tyranny."

Willard Cantelon, in his 1973 book entitled, "The Day the Dollar Dies," explained the death-grip of the Federal Reserve Bank and the IMF/ World Bank on the American and International economies, respectively.

Cantelon was a brilliant world-traveler and student of international money currencies. He referred briefly to the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" which had been circulated for many years around the turn of the century. The "Protocols" were an alleged scheme of wealthy Jews to gain control of the central banks and financial resources of men and countries world-wide.

The "Protocols" have been heavily discredited in our times, with arguments "proving" that they were hoaxes. Even if they were forgeries, however, any person who has studied international finance in this century can tell you that SOMEONE (whether or not Jewish) has been meticulously following the planks found in the "Protocols" toward world domination.

This is far more than just a conspiracy.

There is a well-documented "secret" society of rich and powerful men around the world who are working daily to consolidate all nations and economies into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

One of the most widely read authors in Russian history was a man named Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881). He was a prolific writer and profoundly influenced the Soviet culture in his day. Dostoevsky wrote about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He taught that Jesus would be rejected by many who had pledged their lives to Lucifer. They had been promised that they would be given wisdom and power by Lucifer and with him would rule mankind.

It is incomprehensible at first for modern Christians in the West to come to terms with the reality of what Lucifer is up to.

There is today a shocking subculture of powerful, wealthy, elite men who are completely dedicated to Luciferianism. These are not the upstart Satanists who mutilate cows and conduct pathetic rituals in dilapidated mobile homes.

These are fully initiated Adepts and Grand Masters of various secret "orders" from antiquity.

They are supremely powerful men among men who can be seen whisking in and out of palaces, statehouses and corporate towers around the world.

They are literally anointed to do evil. They are men who have sworn with sacred oaths to carry out the will and work of Lucifer. One of their single-most common denominators is the "Society of Jesus," also known as order of the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church. Their largely-unknown and unheralded captain is the Superior General of the Jesuits, the "Black Pope," who is arguably the most antichrist human being on planet earth.

They have trafficked in the ancient mysteries and practiced a wide spectrum of occult (hidden) agendas. Their symbols, emblems, rituals, secrets, etc., trace back to ancient cabalism, Babylonian mysteries, Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology. Countless minions of them were educated within the hundreds of Jesuit colleges and universities around the world.

In most cases, these are men who have been greatly advanced by wealth and politic into unique and powerful stations in life. Their activities are characteristically clandestine and subversive. Prominent twentieth century names among them include icons: the Rothschild dynasty, the Warburgs and Rockefellers. But make no mistake about it; these men occupy virtually every conceivable station in governments, religion, industry, academia, and more. They are kings, presidents, prime ministers, parliamentarians, congressmen, governors, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and more.

In his 2002 autobiography "MEMOIRS," David Rockefeller, chairman of the CFR from 1970 to 1985 and Trilateral Commission founder, boldly confessed: "Some even believe we (Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure---one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

Ultimately, these secret "orders" are consecrated to the establishment of all Luciferís ancient goals: tempt all men to reject God and His Word, engage in forbidden acts, destroy all faith in God and religion, supplant all "civilized" society with anarchy and chaos, destroy governments and institutions including marriage and family.

They are assembled from a number of schools: The Order of the Illuminati, Free and Accepted Masons, Knights Templars, Shriners, the Muslim Order of Assassins, the Rosicrucians, Rhodes Scholars, etc.

Ordo Ab Chao "Ordo ab Chao"

The Latin phrase "Ordo Ab Chao" is the motto of the 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry. It means, "Order out of Chaos." It is the Luciferic intention for establishing New World Order.

Texe Marrs, in "Circle of Intrigue" described the "jewel" worn by 33rd degree Masons. It has three interlocking triangles, representing 666, and inscribed with "Ordo Ab Chao." This phrase briefly describes the intent of Lucifer to bring the world to chaos and raise a New World Order from the ruins.

Lucifer intends to bring Order out of Chaos.

In his book, "New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies," author William T. Still explains the mechanics of a political coup: "At the peak of CHAOS, you move quickly and ruthlessly to seize power by force and kill your opposition during the turmoil."

Thesis > Antithesis > Synthesis

The German philosopher Georg Hegel (1770-1831) proposed that TRUTH is obtained by a "continuing dialectic." Hegelian dialectics posits first of all a THESIS, secondly an ANTITHESIS, and consequently a SYNTHESIS. In short, every thesis must confront all its arguments and opposition (antithesis) before being transformed into a new SYNTHESIS.

Ideal > Counter-Ideal > New Ideal

The fifth century Greek philosopher Plato formulated the early concepts of IDEALISM in which all reality began in the mind. Hegel expanded the concept into DIALECTICAL IDEALISM, where one thought opposed by another thought produced a HIGHER THOUGHT.

Old World Order > Chaos > New World Order

Karl Marx, author of the "Communist Manifesto," considered the basic premise of Hegelian dialectics and concocted a converse theory called DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM, where all human evolution is caused by material events clashing with one another and producing an enhanced society.

Applying MARXIST philosophy to the current world situation yields the following conclusion:
    The THESIS - OLD (World) ORDER - must face its
    ANTITHESIS - CHAOS - and be forever transformed before
    the SYNTHESIS - NEW (World) ORDER can be reached.

In America, we cherish our Constitutional Republic, and especially our Bill of Rights. We love patriotism and national sovereignty. Unfortunately, all those things may soon be taken from us.

The now infamous quote from Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State in the CFR's "Foreign Affairs" magazine, April 1974 said,
    "In short, the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down...

    An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned assault..."

"ERODING IT PIECE BY PIECE" is an interesting phrase. Gardner and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) have plainly plotted the demise of America's national sovereignty. And their dream will soon be reality.

By pitting a THESIS of Capitalistic Democratic Republicanism against an ANTITHESIS of tyrannical Communism (such as can be seen in North Korea), a SYNTHESIS of Global Socialism is right now emerging.

But the world will not long maintain a "moderate" Socialistic global government. Vladimir Lenin, who led the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia, which led to the death of tens of millions of innocent Russians, infamously said, "THE GOAL OF SOCIALISM IS COMMUNISM."

And that is where we are soon headed - into a tyrannical, despotic, ruthless world of the worst of unimaginable Communist oppression. The Biblical prophets saw it coming thousands of years ago.

Most intriguing (to me, at least) is the dichotomy of GOOD versus EVIL, that is, the contrast between GOD'S plan and LUCIFER'S plan.

GOD is the God of ORDER. He rules and works by order. God is NOT the author of confusion.

Satan, by contrast, IS the spirit of CHAOS. Jesus said, "The thief cometh not, but for to STEAL, and to KILL, and to DESTROY," John 10:10.

Alice Bailey, founder of the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust, and the modern New Age movement, wrote a book entitled, "The Externalization of the Hierarchy." It was allegedly "channeled" to her by her spirit-guide, Djwhal Khul. Djwhal Khul is the same Tibetan Master/spirit-guide [demon] that Robert Muller, "Prophet of the United Nations," claims to have obeyed when he wrote "The First Lady of the World," a significant work of fiction about the future of the United Nations. Muller was a disciple of Alice Bailey.

The "Hierarchy" that Alice Bailey claimed would finally be "EXTERNALIZED," (made known, revealed publicly) refers to the key men of Luciferic "orders" including the Antichrist. It is ironic that those who are pledged to chaos under Satan are frequently referred to as a secret "order." Why not a secret "chaos"?

Bailey contends that these evil masters of New World Order (including the Antichrist) can only be externalized (revealed) when the threat of resistance (Old World Order) has been effectively subdued.

How can Old World Order be subdued? By the application of the antithesis Ė CHAOS!

I do not believe that the adversaries of New World Order have yet been fully subdued. There are still many Ron Pauls, Tom Tancredos, old-line John Birchers, Gary Kahs, William Jaspers, and other widely renowned voices who decry and oppose the NWO. But those voices will very soon be silenced. In fact, they could all be silenced overnight.

What can we expect to happen before New World Order takes over completely?

I believe we should prepare ourselves for a social and economic upheaval, the likes of which we have never seen. I believe it is on Luciferís agenda to reduce our present society to comparative ruins before ushering in the final version of One World Government under Antichrist.

Jesus taught that, "Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened," Matthew 24:22.

The Apostle Paul warned Timothy, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come," 2 Timothy 3:1.

According to Bible prophecy, PERILOUS TIMES ARE COMING!

PERILOUS means "hard to bear, troublesome, dangerous, harsh, fierce, savage." You only THINK you live in perilous times now. This will make the Stock-Market Crash of 1929 look like a picnic in the park.

John the Revelator warned that a World Government "Beast" would come that would be more dreadful than the world has ever seen.

"And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations," Revelation 13:7.

If I tell you that the Bible warns us of "hard to bear, troublesome, dangerous, harsh, fierce, savage" times, I am not in error.

How might this scenario actually play out?

Consider the possibilities that present governments could be dissolved, nations will be forced into compliance with UN orders, and they will be stripped of their sovereign constitutional powers.

Industries and civilians could be stripped of their long-cherished rights, falling into state controls. State ownership of property might be adopted, and Americans may actually lose their homes, their automobiles and their guns.

Donít be so naÔve as to think it canít happen in America.

Phoenix The Phoenix

At the founding of the original American colonies, the symbol was NOT the bald eagle, but rather the mythological phoenix. Many of the early American coins carried the phoenix insignia. The phoenix was allegedly a bird which lived to be 500 years old. It prepared its own funeral pyre at death, and out of its carcass rose a new phoenix. This is one of Luciferís plagiarized symbols of the biblical New Birth. But in Luciferianism, it indicates a day of ruin, followed by a new order. In January, 1988, "The Economist" magazine, published by the Rothschild elite, featured the Phoenix on its cover, representing the collapse of the world economy, and the U.S. Dollar specifically, and a new GLOBAL CURRENCY rising from its ruins. We are now on the very precipice of this prediction becoming reality.

Sir Francis Bacon, who founded the first American colony at Jamestown in the early 1600ís is called "The Father of the Masonic Lodge." Bacon believed that America would be the resurrection of the ancient lost continent of Atlantis. He got his beliefs from the ancient secret orders.

In Luciferian terms, Atlantis represents the ancient society that God destroyed in Noahís flood. Lucifer has been determined since the days of Noahís flood to rebuild the lost society that God destroyed. Many modern members of Luciferian secret orders believe that AMERICA is where that evil society will finally be manifested. In modern vernacular, the American/Atlantis society will be despotic, totalitarian and communist.

Washington DC Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were all 33rd Degree Masons, and were fully aware of the Luciferic Illuminati goals.

The city map of Washington DC is laid out in the form of the Masonic compass and square. Numerous significant structures in the Capitol (i.e., the Washington Monument) are symbols and icons of ancient secret orders pointing to New World Order. Federalism itself is the seed doctrine of New World Order - one government presiding over many, as One World Government will ultimately rule over nations.

What does that mean to us?

According to Luciferís agenda, the United States of America is scheduled to be completely taken over by ancient evil beliefs. It will ultimately happen in the days of the New World Order, at the time of the revealing of the Antichrist. In that day, all the Old system (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free enterprise, etc.) will MELT DOWN, and a despotic time will come to this continent.

In Revelation 17:3, John saw a SCARLET RED BEAST. He saw a global monster the color of COMMUNISM. The entire world is about to be engulfed in a totalitarian, dictatorial, Communistic world government.

Never underestimate the devastation of Communism. In the first year of the Bolshevik Revolution, (1917) 1 Ĺ MILLION Russians died. In the remaining years under V.I. Lenin, 28 MILLION died. Joseph Stalin succeeded Lenin, and over 40 MILLION died under his despotic rule.

In Communist China, tens of millions died under Chairman Maoís Communist Revolution. To this day, the citizens of both countries are horrifically oppressed by failed economies, destitute living conditions, food shortages, and despotic rulers.

Russia and China are explicit examples of how the New World Order crowd ushers in their transition. Just wait until they decide to conquer American soil!!

For a full explanation of that prophecy, see SOCIALISM: The Scarlet Red Beast.

We are staring straight in the face of global chaos, and when it comes, it will be a perfect fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

That is why Christians of this hour should consider their need to earnestly study the Word of God, and prepare for a time of great difficulty in which only our unwavering faith in Jesus Christ will sustain us.

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