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Let There Be Light!

by Ken Raggio

The "Big-Bang Theory" imagines that the universe was created in a vast, bright explosion. But Moses did not believe that. He wrote in Genesis 1 that when God first created the heavens and the earth, everything was completely dark.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."
Genesis 1:1-2.

Light did not exist. There were no stars. No sun. No moon.

The heavens and earth existed BEFORE God said on the first day of Creation, "Let there be light," (Genesis 1:2). Therefore, heaven and earth existed four days BEFORE God created the sun, moon, or stars (in Genesis 1:14).

"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of
the heaven to divide the day from the night;
...and the evening and the morning were the FOURTH day."
Genesis 1:14,19.

So, IN THE BEGINNING, Creation was inert, motionless, and lifeless. That entire primitive universe was created in darkness. There was no sun, moon or stars before the FOURTH day of Creation. That means that the FIRST THREE DAYS of Creation had no MATERIAL lights.

This completely contradicts a Big-Bang Theory. A Big-Bang would characteristically produce light. That is NOT how God created the universe. (Science has certainly never proved the Big-Bang Theory, because it isn't true.)

Now, I suspect that some of you are already so deeply entrenched in Big-Bang persuasion that you feel repelled by what I am saying here. You feel obliged to embrace the Big-Bang, even if it contradicts the Bible. Alternately, you may feel obliged to force the Bible to teach the Big-Bang. (Pope Pius XII actually endorsed the Big-Bang Theory in 1951!)

But I will tell you again, without hesitation...

God created the universe quietly (and probably slowly) IN THE DARK.

The Bible is very clear about that.

Why is it so difficult to believe that the Almighty Invisible Spirit of God, in the darkness of infinity, began by quietly fabricating - CREATING - the first fermion, the first quark, the first boson, the first lepton. Don't know what those are? Most folks don't. But rest assured, these fundamental particles did not occur accidentally from an empty void. God created them.

God quietly assembled the protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, hadrons, particles, and more. There was one atom, then two atoms, one molecule, then two molecules. He created an atom of hydrogen, an atom of helium, an atom of mercury, an atom of oxygen, an atom of zinc, and so on, until He had created all the elements as we now have.

This is certainly no more difficult to believe than the Big-Bang Theory.

I am not a physicist, a space scientist, or a quantum theorist, but there is one thing I know without any doubt.

If you have a total and complete void, you cannot have an explosion.

Can anybody tell me exactly how you can have an EXPLOSION if there are no elements? If there was no hydrogen, oxygen, or gases of any kind, then HOW COULD THERE POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN AN EXPLOSION?

You cannot have an explosion in an absolute void.

Using only the most rudimentary logic, you will be forced to admit that the elements had to be CREATED BEFORE any kind of explosion.

What is so imperative about an EXPLOSION? Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

(If you are tempted to argue that the so-called "expanding" universe is some kind of proof that the universe began with a Big-Bang, please consider this scriptural alternative to that argument. Revelation 20:11.)

"And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it,
from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away;
and there was found no place for them."

The universe is expanding because everything in the material realm is fleeing the Throne of God. (Only the souls of men will ever return to the Throne of God.) At the end of time, God will dissolve the entire material universe, leaving only the spiritual universe (2 Peter 3:10-13).

So the universe is not expanding because of a Big-Bang, but because it is fleeing the Throne of God which is at its center.

In the absence of a Big-Bang, there could only have been a quiet darkness in which God began His Creation.

And therein lies one of the greatest, most ancient, and most primordial of all truths:

God works mightily in darkness.

I believe this is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn in your entire life.

God created the primitive universe BEFORE He said, "Let there be light." Read it again for yourself in Genesis 1:1-2 if you need to.

So God created the primitive universe in TOTAL DARKNESS. That establishes an eternal precedent that we rarely acknowledge.

God begins His greatest works in a dark void.

This is true in your life and mine. We cannot see what God is doing in the early stages of our miracles. By the time we first recognize that God is working in our lives, He has already performed the greatest part of the miracle INVISIBLY, in the DARK.

That means that whatever darkness you are experiencing in your life right now is a perfect breeding environment for an unimaginable miracle. You do NOT need to see what God is doing for Him to be saving, healing and delivering everyone and everything your heart desires.

We love light, and make positive associations with light. We dislike darkness, and associate darkness with gloom and doom. But God is forever as glorious in the dark as He is in the light.

There is no darkness in God, but there is plenty of God in the darkness.

"God is light, and in him is no darkness at all," 1 John 1:5.

In the natural, material world, light is actually INVISIBLE unless we see it emanating from a heat source or reflecting off of some material object. But when rays of light pass through the void of space, they are invisible.

Therefore, it is possible for LIGHT to exist in DARKNESS. You may not be able to see a thing, but that does not mean it does not exist. Never think that because a thing is invisible that it does not exist! There is an entire spiritual universe that you cannot see.

All you may see is DARKNESS. But your DARKNESS is actually full of light. It is just not reflecting off of your visible circumstances just yet.

You may not be able to see the hand of God working in your life, but never think that His hand is not there.

This principle is at work in our lives every day. We often feel like we are traversing through a dark place in our lives. We cannot see the hand of God working in our behalf. It is almost universally true, that we equate the DARK PLACES in our lives with the ABSENCE OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

It does not matter how dark your life may seem. You may not be able to see your hand in front of your face, but have no doubt - GOD IS THERE.

You may be going through one of the darkest places of your life right now, but this precept should be your consolation.

You do not have to SEE or BE ENLIGHTENED about a thing for God to be doing the most wondrous works.

God works marvelously in darkness.

And God works excellently in the darkness of your life. He works in ways and places that we cannot see. His invisible Spirit has infinite potential.

God made the universe in total darkness. It was quiet, and for all practical purposes, non-descript. That should comfort you to know that God does not need the assistance of worldly vision to see His way through your problems. You may not be able to see the end from the beginning, but God does. Your life may appear to be chaos and anarchy, but God sees order in the midst of your darkness. In time, He will assimilate all of the fragments and pieces of your chaos, and forge them into living order.

That is what He did in the beginning. Everything was waiting to be configured into what we now know as Creation. God later revealed,

"I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void;
and the heavens, and they had no light," Jeremiah 4:23.

As a general rule, God first created things in a dormant or lifeless state, then later invigorated them or stimulated them to life.

For examples:

1. The original universe was completely dark until God said, "Let there be light," Genesis 1:3.

2. The original earth had no life-supporting atmosphere. Then God created the atmosphere by separating the waters above the earth from the waters in the earth. "...and God called the firmament heaven," Genesis 1:8.

3. The original planet had no dry land. Then God called the land out of the waters. "And God said, ...let the dry land appear," Genesis 1:9.

4. Plant life began as dry seedlings - not full-grown plants. After creating seeds, God caused a mist to rise up from the earth and water the seeds, precipitating the germination process.

"And every plant of the field before it was in the earth,
and every herb of the field before it grew:
...But there went up a mist from the earth,
and watered the whole face of the ground."
Genesis 2:5-6

For what it's worth, the first plants did not grow in sunlight, but under GOD'S SUPERNATURAL LIGHT. Plants were created and thrived before the sun was created.

5. Man was first a lifeless dirt form. "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground," Genesis 2:7. Then God breathed life into it.

6. In like manner, the universe was dormant and lifeless at the start. Creation was not done in one instance. It was progressive and took place over a great span, before time as we know it. It did not take place by EVOLUTION, but by FABRICATION. It did not mindlessly evolve; it developed incrementally as God put the pieces together.

24-hour days did not begin until the fourth day.

Before the sun was created on the fourth day, the earth was NOT on a 24-hour day. Evenings and mornings were not determined by their association with the sun, but with their relationship to God and His supernatural light.

Today, the earth makes one complete turn on its axis every 24-hours. But before the fourth day of Creation, we do not know if the earth revolved at all. If it did, it was not around the sun. Whatever cycle might have existed had no relationship whatever to our current 24-hour day.

The first three days might have been ANY length.

Each of those first three days could have been ANY length -- conceivably millions and millions of "years." (Nothing in scripture contradicts such a notion.) The evening and morning of those first three days were not determined by the earth's rotation or by the sun. The sun did not yet exist. Only the supernatural light of God existed.

Carbon-dating cannot disprove the Creation timeline of Genesis 1.

Many of the scientific estimates about the age of the earth are based on carbon-dating processes. Calculations are made with a factor based on the rate of the deterioration of carbon. Scientists consider carbon-dating to be reliable to about 60,000 years.

But modern carbon-dating processes are utterly useless and inapplicable for estimating time prior to the fourth day of Creation (about 6,000 years ago), because time as we know it did not begin until the fourth day.

It is impossible to know the date of the earth or anything in it by using the carbon-dating process because the 24-hour day has only existed for about 6000 years. So the calendar of 365-day years can only trace back about 6000 years. Prior to that, time is immeasurable.

Likewise, we cannot know how many events took place BEFORE God said "Let there be light" on the FIRST day. It seems obvious that the universe was created long before the first light of Genesis 1:2.

Nobody can know the timeless ages that might have occurred between
Verse 1, "In the beginning, God created..."
and Verse 2, "Let there be light."

As far as we can know, God's very first spoken words were, "Let there be light."

Light was not God's first creation, because He had already created the heavens and the earth dark and void. But light played a very important role, because light was the spark-plug that began to bring the universe to life.

The light God first created was not the light of the sun, the moon or the stars.

The light God created on DAY ONE was supernatural light.
The light God created on DAY FOUR was natural light.

The FIRST LIGHT did not emanate from any material body, but emanated supernaturally from the very darkness. More accurately, the very first light emanated from God's invisible Spirit. This is an enormous truth. The first, original light came from the invisible Spirit of God. It was not the product of friction, heat, combustion, fusion, fission, or any other material process. The first light was SPIRITUAL. It shone directly out of the Word of God.

Natural light did not energize the infant universe.
Supernatural (divine) light did.

And in the final analysis, YOUR life is never going to be energized by the natural, material energy of this world. Your ultimate success and joy in living will not come through observable processes.

In the void of darkness, the light of God is there.
The light of God works in darkness.

You will not be able to see God working in many of the circumstances of your life. Just as He created the universe in darkness, He is creating YOU in darkness.

It is the same premise by which he prepared Joseph for Pharaoh's throne. God prepared Joseph in darkness. God prepared the nation of Israel in the darkness of Egyptian bondage. God prepared David for the throne of Israel in the darkness of his exile from King Saul. He prepared Salvation for the sinful souls of mankind in the darkness of Jesus' temptation, persecution, condemnation and death.

But after God has done everything that He has to do in the darkness, He smiles and says, "Let there be light!"

AT THE WORD OF GOD, light will shine onto your life, reflecting His glory.

Then, all the world will be able to see the miracle that God was preparing in the times of your darkness.

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Ken Raggio

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