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Prayer From Ken Raggio's Book:
"Praying On Purpose, Praying For Results"

Chapter 14

Unimaginable Miracles

by Ken Raggio

You do not have to know how God will answer your prayer. Sometimes, we just cannot imagine how a miracle could possibly happen. Big problems, bizarre problems, whatever problems you have - God can come up with answers that will blow your mind.

On a Friday night, I preached in a church in East Texas. During the prayer time, a retired couple came to me asking for prayer. They told me that they had some terrible financial reversals that year, and their house was being foreclosed by the finance company. They only owed $41,000 on a house that was worth far more. They were in danger of losing a lifetime investment. They were desperate for a miracle. We joined hands and prayed the prayer of faith. I asked God to do whatever He had to do to save that couple's home from repossession. I frankly didn't have any idea how God could make that happen, but I knew when we prayed that they were going to get a miracle.

The next morning at 10AM, we had another service in that church. When I arrived at the building, I was intercepted by that same couple. They were both beside themselves with delight. They told me that when they got home from church the night before, the telephone rang. It was a call from an estranged son from whom they had not heard in many years. They did not even know where he was. He told them that he had become very successful in business, and that he wanted to do something kind for them. He told them that he was sending them a check for $45,000. They only needed $41,000 to save their house. God had done a miracle within an hour of the two-minute prayer we prayed. As a bonus, He brought their estranged son back into their lives. If you can believe, all things are possible.

There is no need too strange, or too out-of-the-ordinary for God to do a miracle. Never hesitate to ask God for anything you have need of.

Years ago, we purchased three acres of heavily wooded property in the country, and planned to build a home there. I leased a large bulldozer for a week, and set out to clear the property in preparation for the house. On the last day of the week, I was bulldozing along a small creek that ran across the corner of our property. I had been working all day long, and the sun was almost below the horizon. It was nearly dark.

All of sudden, I sensed that the dozer was sinking. The ground along the little creek was much more saturated than I suspected, and before I could drive out of the bog, that 12-ton dozer sank down three feet into the mud.

I was not an experienced heavy-equipment operator, and I did not have any idea what I could do to get that dozer out of that mud. The dozer sank so deep, that the TOP of the tracks was under the mud. I climbed down, and walked around that situation, then climbed back on and started to pray. I was truly in a panic. I figured that it would cost me the price of another bulldozer rental to pull it out of the bog.

I literally prayed until I cried "God, I have to have a miracle here! Please help me. I don't know what to do."

It was now completely dark, and I was sitting on a bulldozer sunk in a creek, several miles out in the county, hidden behind a line of trees, out of site from the road. But miracle of miracles! I saw a pickup truck drive by, and disappear over a hill. Momentarily, I saw that truck BACKING UP in the dark. He backed all the way down the hill and stopped at the place where the creek went under the road. He got out of his truck and began to walk over in my direction. I could not believe that he could even see me out in the woods.

"Looks like you've got yourself a bit of a problem," he said. "Yeah. I didn't realize the ground was soft until it was too late. This thing started sinking and there was nothing I could do to get out."

"Well, that's no problem. I have some equipment out at my place. I just live a few miles down the road from here. I will bring it down here first thing in the morning and help you out."

The next morning at sunrise, an 18-wheeler pulled up at my place with a bulldozer riding on its trailer. Two other trucks came in with a crew of men. They unloaded the dozer, drove it down to where mine was sitting, and went to work. In fifteen minutes, they had pushed my dozer out of the bog, and were loading up to leave.

I asked the guy how much I owed him for his help. He said, "What are neighbors for?" and waved me off. They got in their trucks and drove off, and God had given me the miracle I had prayed for.

Not long after that experience, I was emboldened to pray about bizarre needs. After clearing our property, I had dump trucks haul in a caliche base for the future driveway. Caliche is crushed sedimentary rock that is used to provide a hard base for driveways and roads. After a few rains, that material is almost as hard as cement, and provides a good underlayment for asphalt or cement.

I later needed to run about 150 feet of water line along that driveway. Unfortunately, when I started to dig a trench with a small trenching machine, it proved to be almost impossible to break into. I needed a large, diesel-engine trenching rig to do the job. But that meant another large expense for renting another machine and having it delivered and returned.

I stood on my driveway and prayed. I said, "God, I need some help with this trench. I cannot dig this trench with the equipment I have, and I can't afford the equipment I need right now."

You don't have to believe this story if you don't want to, but WITHIN AN HOUR, a telephone company crew stopped on the road in front of my property. On the back of a flatbed trailer was a large, diesel trenching machine. I stood there in awe. Then I backed my shoulders and walked down the hill to the road. I walked up to the guy who was driving the truck.

I said, "Hey, is there any chance I could get you to do a little trenching job for me while you are here?" He said, "Where do you need it?" I showed him that I needed a trench from the road, up the hill along the driveway for about 150 feet. He said, "That shouldn't be a problem."

He got on the trenching machine, started the engine, backed it off the trailer, and headed up that hill, trenching as he went. In less than thirty minutes, I had my trench.

"How much do I owe you?"

"Not a thing," he said. I handed him a $20 dollar bill for his trouble. I went back to my work, and he went back to his.

And God had answered another bizarre prayer for me, within an hour of my praying it.

About three years later, after we built a house and a large barn on that property, I needed another miracle. I was working out in the yard one evening. Our part of the country had been under drought conditions for three years. At last, several of our largest trees had succumbed to the drought. I looked at several 40-60-foot-tall pine trees that were dead from the drought. About four of those trees were standing near the house and the barn, and would eventually threaten those structures if they fell.

I knew that it would take several thousand dollars to hire a crew to take those trees down, since they were so near the buildings. At about 7:00 PM, as the sun was going down, I stood out in the middle of the driveway (just like I had the time before) and said, "God, I really need a miracle to get those trees down and off this property. I wish that you would send me a solution to this problem."

The next morning, at about 8 AM, a black pickup truck drove onto our property. A man got out and came to knock on the door. "I'm running a logging company that is working down the road. I just wonder if you have any trees on your property that you would like to sell."

"I don't have any trees to sell," I told him, "but I have several dead pine trees that I sure do need removed."

He wanted me to show the trees to him. I walked the property and pointed out the dead trees.

"I'll send some equipment by here this afternoon, and we will get those trees out for you."

A few hours later, one of the biggest rigs I have ever seen drove up on my property. The tires on that rig were nearly six feet tall, and it had a giant circular saw on the front end, and claws that easily reached around the largest tree and literally held it vertical while the saw cut it away from the ground.

I watched as that giant rig drove up to one tree after another, put its enormous steel arms around it and held it as the rig drove forward with the massive circular saw, and within seconds, cut the tree off close to the ground. The driver then backed up with the tree still standing in its arms, and gently laid the tree down on the ground. In less than two hours, he had cut and removed every dead tree on my property, and was GONE!

I simply shook my head in amazement. Within less than 24 hours after I stood in the driveway and asked God to help me get rid of those trees, those trees were gone. And it cost me absolutely nothing.

I call that a miracle. And I call it an answer to prayer.

So the next time you find yourself looking into the face of an exasperating problem, wondering how in the world you will ever find a solution, why don't you go stand out in the driveway and ask God to do a miracle? In Jesus' name.

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