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Prayer From Ken Raggio's Book:
"Praying On Purpose, Praying For Results"

Chapter 17

Let Us Pray

by Ken Raggio

The remainder of this book, "Praying on Purpose, Praying for Results," will have a completely different style from the first half.

In these remaining pages, I am asking you to pray with me for a while. I want you to say some prayers with me.

I know that everyone has their own style of praying, and I do not want to infringe on your sacred territory, nor do I want to take away anything whatsoever from your private prayer time. I am not asking you to abandon your own manner of praying. But I am asking you to join with me in some sample prayers, in the hopes that I will be able to take you into some fresh new thoughts and desires, which will bring about a new and higher level of praying.

Because I have ministered to and prayed with countless thousands of people in more than forty years of ministry as a Pastor and as an Evangelist, I have learned that many people just cannot find the words to pray effectually.

For that reason, I am submitting to you, in these next pages, a wide variety of prayers in many categories. I want to help you learn how to pray more effectively.

The following prayers are not intended to be memorized or recited. I do not encourage vain repetitions. But I do encourage you to pray along with me in the prayers that I am providing here. They are not perfect prayers. Maybe, as you pray with me, you will suddenly be inspired to pray for things above and beyond anything I have written here. I would be delighted for that to happen, and would be thankful that we were actually making progress together in this effort.

Every day for the past four years, I have written four 100-word Bible lessons that have circulated by Internet into every nation (235 in all, including islands) on earth. At this writing, my subscribers in 209 nations are learning daily lessons from the Word of God. These mini-lessons, also published in my new book, "MY DAILY BIBLE COMPANION," have produced thousands of remarkable responses from my readers.

As a result, I am now encouraged to use the same teaching method with these lessons on Prayer.

I will present you a large collection of 100-word prayers on a wide variety of topics. I believe that among these hundreds of prayers, you will discover something that will help you become more effective in your praying.

I believe these short prayers will stimulate your mind, and help you realize more precisely what prayer is all about. These prayers will help you see the reasons why you pray, and help you to be more specific in your appeals to God.

It is my hope and desire that as you pray these prayers with me, you will begin to realize that your prayers have far more potential than you ever dreamed or imagined.

Here is what to do.

1. As you read the prayers that follow, pray them out loud. Practice praying more specific prayers. Search your heart for more things, and add your own personal requests to the ones you find here. After you have prayed a certain prayer with me, then add your own requests to them.

2. In each category, you will see how I have prayed for many years about certain things. Maybe you will not feel the same priorities that I feel. I am not trying to impress you with my prayers. Your prayers may have a completely different range of urgencies than mine. Your priorities will be different than my priorities. If you do not like a particular line in my prayers, then mark it out, and write a different line in the margins. Make these prayers your prayers, in your own words.

3. Choose the prayers that seem most important to you today. These prayers have evolved from the written prayers I have used for many years. I have revised them somewhat for this book, because I want them to be useful to you. I have rewritten some of them to make them usable by anyone, instead of my own specific requests. As you read them, and pray them out loud, make whatever changes you want to make as you go.

4. Decide which prayers you should pray most frequently, and which ones you will pray weekly, monthly, etc. Naturally, there are some things and some people for whom you will want to pray every single day. Other things are not so urgent, but you do not want to neglect. You should pray as much as you can, for as many things as you can, as often as you can.

Pray as much as you can,
for as many things as you can,
as often as you can,
in Jesus' name.

Prayer Here follows a volume of prayers on many topics.
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