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Is the Devil in the New World Order?

Most people are not aware of the Luciferic connection.

By Ken Raggio

"...and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority," Revelation 13:2.

The devil is in the details - literally. Satan himself drives this new world government. (Note: Although a dragon is the modern symbol of China, the Bible clearly says that the dragon mentioned here is the Devil - "He laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan," Revelation 20:2, also 12:9).

Most people either refuse to believe or don't WANT to believe that God or Satan are real forces in the world today. This article will show you, in hard facts, that they ARE. I am not suggesting that people are atheists. People definitely believe in spirits, but they do not accept truly Biblical concepts or teachings about God and devils. Spiritualism has never had more practitioners. But in that reality lies a great and universal error.

Neo-paganism is a more accurate term to apply to popular religion today. Modern society demonstrates that it is possible to have a keen sensitivity to the spirit world and yet know NOTHING about the true and living God.

It is up to Bible believers to emphatically assert the TRUTH that is revealed in the Bible - which, in its original language, is the infallible Word of God.

Let's take a few moments to review some basic but extremely critical assertions of Bible prophecy.

Lucifer and Jesus Christ are the two major forces in world events.

Lucifer is the principal spiritual force for evil in the world today. He is the driving force in the New World Order. This is verifiable. There are any number of key personalities in the New World Order that are dramatically and explicitly linked to Luciferian doctrines and practices.

(For an in-depth study of the Biblical character of Lucifer, and his ambitions, please study my online article, "Satan’s Doom" at

Rooted in ancient beliefs tracing back as far as Nimrod at the Tower of Babel, a vast procession of empire builders have marched across the centuries in defiance of the Kingdom of God, and in deference to the earthly kingdoms of men and devils.

NONE of these empires have worked independently of Satan's evil princes. EVERY society is influenced by a demon prince. The scriptures prove this. For further explanation, see my articles, The Nature of the Battle, SPIRITS!, Spiritualism, and Spiritual Warfare

In these last prophetic days, some of these principalities are fulfilling major prophetic roles. Most of them have been at work for centuries to bring about the destruction of civilization as we know it, in order that they may have complete possession of the world.

The reason I make that statement, is because the Bible is perfectly clear to tell us that before Jesus Christ returns to the earth at Armageddon, several international events must take place, and several political alliances and coalitions must be created. NOTHING can prevent these eventualities. They WILL occur!

If we follow the scripture closely, then follow the daily news, we can plainly observe these fulfillments.

I have traced back hundreds of years to identify the major spirits of the past two thousand years, and attempt to show how they have brought us to our present dilemma. If you will be patient, these explanations will astonish you.

Included in the list of players are:

JEWISH CABALISTS - agents of Lucifer and the Babylonian mysteries.

Cabalism (also spelled Kaballah and Qabal) is a mystical religion that evolved from the ungodly traditions of the Jewish Talmud and the Ancient Mysteries. It is a departure from the Torah (Old Testament), providing extra-biblical beliefs, many of them concocted from a mixture of Hebraisms, Babylonian mysteries and various mystical sources.

The Talmud was held to be the indispensable companion to the Torah (Old Testament). But Jesus condemned the Pharisees' placing the Talmud ahead of the Torah.

Yet, apparently from Solomon's time, the Bible was completely perverted by evil men who elected to read mystical meanings into the Hebrew alphabet in preference to taking the Word of God at face value.

We must carefully delineate between the authenticity of the INSPIRED Word of God (Torah), and the evil and perverted traditions (Talmud and mystical traditions).

Instead of reading the Word of God as it was plainly written, the mystics BORROWED pagan mystical beliefs, most of which were traced to BABYLON, and applied alien interpretations to the Hebrew texts. They ascribed mystical words and phrases to each letter and number of the alphabet, then ignoring the face value of a word or sentence, proceeded to give the Bible a completely DIFFERENT meaning than what was originally intended.

In their Lucifer-like pride and perversion, they believed they could be as gods, exercise divine powers, perform magical feats (both black magic and white magic), and command spirits.

These are the original workings of ANTI-GOD, ANTI-TRUTH, and ANTI-CHRIST powers.

Today, one of the most renowned examples is the Order of the Golden Dawn, in which the "Tree of Life" is drawn, showing man's ascent from humanity to deity, using the cabalistic methods of magic, incantations, ritual, etc.

These were diabolical and sinister deeds supposedly initiated by the wisest man who ever lived - Solomon, and brought about largely because of his habit of entertaining pagan royalties, intermarrying with heathen wives, and subscribing to their pagan beliefs, idolatries and perversions.

Ironically, Solomon, in his backsliding, countermanded all the wisdom he had ever possessed.

To this day, Jewish Cabalism promulgates more Babylonian mysticism than any other culture. As you will see in an in-depth study of Cabalism, it has evolved over the many centuries into what we now know as New World Order!

For this reason, we can say at the outset that Lucifer is the father of the New World Order.

Modern Freemasonry credits Hiram, Lebanese builder of Solomon's Temple to be the father of masonic mysteries. Solomon and Hiram are both considered to have been masters of the mysteries of life.

Josephus, the great Jewish historian, mentioned a book ascribed to Solomon containing incantations for summoning up spirits.

Several ancient extra-biblical books are said to have been written by Solomon, (though it is truly unlikely), including Key of Solomon, Seal of Solomon, and Testament of Solomon. All of them propound doctrines now common in Luciferianism, Wicca, witchcraft, and various mystical religions.

Whether or not Solomon actually wrote them is virtually moot in the face of the widespread belief that he did. As such, so-called gremoirs, (grammars) of magical practices form the ancient historical basis for modern mysticism. It is reasonable to believe that Solomon's backsliding is at least partly responsible for their existence today.

Instead of taking the Bible at face value, as the Word of Almighty God, they derived mystical meanings instead, using the Hebrew alphabet as a secret code, and applying diabolical, perverted meanings to Biblical premises (such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, a powerful religious belief system among practicing witches, magicians, and countless New Agers).

The result is an ANTI-GOD religion with Lucifer as Angel of Light or Enlightenment. Most of modern antichrist forces sprang from Cabalism. Much of Cabalism's teachings actually evolved from ancient Babylonian mysteries.


Many believe that the Pharisees were the mystics of Jesus' day. Certainly, Jesus' principal opponents were the Pharisees. John taught that the spirit of antichrist was already in the world at that time. Who can argue with the fact that the Pharisees sent Jesus to his death? How much more antichrist can one get?

MYSTERY BABYLON supplants the early church.

By the third century, the Apostolic church (the church led by the apostles) had been successfully supplanted by an imposter - the Roman Catholic Church. Apostolic Pentecostal doctrine was trampled to the ground, and Babylonian concepts of "GOD" deeply infiltrated Catholicism. Point by point, paganism systematically replaced every vital component of true Christian beliefs. (See my online article, "Spiritual War with the Spirit of Rome" at


The fifteenth-century Crusades of the Roman Catholic Church produced an international fraternity of mercenary soldiers who went to the Holy Land, purportedly to police and protect the hordes of pilgrims coming from around the world. Over a period of many years, the so-called Knights Templars became very wealthy from the benevolence of those they protected, and eventually migrated to points all over Europe where they became many of the most powerful land owners. They were spiritually initiated and oriented to the ancient mystical religions. They were known to take Luciferian oaths, participate in heinous and perverted spiritual and sexual rituals, and quickly came to be loathed by the general public.

Confusingly, however, the Roman Catholic Church DEFENDED THEM VEHEMENTLY when the King of France would have executed them all for their evil ways. This provides hard evidence that Catholicism and Luciferianism have always been kindred spirits, or "blood-brothers".


The Knights Templar literally sowed seeds of Luciferianism all over Europe. As fabulously wealthy landowners they became extremely influential citizens, and fostered mysticism where ever they went.

In the Knights Templar, some of the earliest strategies for world dominion, based on Luciferic doctrines, were articulated.

Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati

On May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor at the University of Inglestadt, founded "The Order of the Illuminati." His was a Luciferic "enlightenment" with a STATED PURPOSE to destroy all governments, nations and religions and to erect on the ruins of civilization a New World Order ruled by the Illuminati.

Weishaupt's teachings evolved from ancient mysticism, as mentioned above. As gods, the Illuminati considered themselves to be empowered by Lucifer himself with the intelligence and wealth to rule the world.

Weishaupt introduced his teachings to the highest-degreed Freemasons, who were already initiated into Luciferic oaths and rituals. Within only a few years, the New World Order became the impetus of some of the most elite and moneyed citizens of that day.

Not the least of them was Prince William of Hesse Cassel, the wealthiest landgrave of that generation. William is said to have initiated his Imperial Agent and international banker, Meyer Amschel Rothschild (also the wealthiest Jew in the world) with the Illuminati doctrine.

The House of Rothschild of Frankfurt, Germany included the five sons of Meyer Amschel and their respective banking houses: Amschel Meyer at Frankfurt, Solomon at Vienna, Nathan at London, Carl at Naples, and James at Paris.

Their father was reputed for having the Jewish Rabbi to his home every Saturday for in depth study of the Talmud. With the Talmud and the Illuminati doctrine well in hand, the House of Rothschild set out to be the financial masters of every nation on earth.

In their generation, they became primary lenders to all the superpowers: England, France, Russia, Austria, Prussia - even the United States was eventually sucked into the bankers’ web.

Make no mistake about it, the Illuminist goals are Luciferic, Babylonian, Cabalistic, pagan, mystical, diabolical and ANTICHRIST.

We cannot accurately accuse the Rothschild family alone for spawning the New World Order.

The Illuminati, The Rothschilds, and The League of Just Men invented and spawned Communism.

According to Count Egor Caesar Corti, in his 1928 book, "The Rise of the House of Rothschild", an offshoot of the Illuminati, the "League of Just Men" hired Karl Marx to write the "Communist Manifesto".

Communism would become their tool of choice for accomplishing the already stated agenda of destroying all governments, nations and religions and building a New World Order that would plunge the entire world into the darkness of totalitarian slavery ruled by the financial elite - the "Illuminati".

The chaos began, and has never stopped. Illuminati conspirators fomented the French Revolution. Later they revenged Napoleon's conquests, causing his downfall and exile. Mirabeau, Marat and Robespierre were prominent "Insiders" of the Illuminati genre.

Between 1848 and 1871, Illuminists instigated the Juarista Revolution in Mexico, the assassination of Alexander II, Czar of Russia, and the Haymarket Riots of Chicago.

Rothschild money has been linked to the American Revolution and the Civil War.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Rothschild associates Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, J.P. Morgan, and John D Rockefeller (as well as many others) gained positions of inestimable wealth and power in the world, and history records their roles in fomenting World Wars I and II, in establishing the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States, and central banks in major nations all over the world.

Illuminati precepts have been propagated through a spectrum of agencies over the past century. The Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain, the Council on Foreign Relations in America, the Round Table Group in Europe, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission (chaired by David Rockefeller), and the Bilderbergers (an ultra-elite club of about 120 mega-powerful individuals who meet annually), and others parrot the Luciferic scheme of New World Order.

To know them is to despise them. They are evil to the bone-marrow. They will, by design, strip the world of all freedoms of speech and religion, and impose financial and immoral sanctions on the entire global society.

As a result of their incomprehensible network of influence, the Illuminati has infiltrated virtually every Palace, every Statehouse, every Parliament, every Congress of note in the world. They have courted Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Lords, Congressmen and movers and shakers from every strata of society. Through the Free and Accepted Masons, and the 32nd degreed Masters, Luciferianism has spread into every city and hamlet of size in Western civilization.

In the United Nations, the Lucis Trust (originally the Luciferian Trust), founded by Luciferian Alice Bailey, has secured a permanent chapel for religious observance within the UN walls.

Among the most prominent globalists of our time, countless of them can be linked to Freemasonry, Adam Weishaupt, Alice Bailey, Illuminati, etc., etc.

In every presidential administration of this century, a substantial, if not majority of all members were linked to Luciferian inspired organizations. Most people seemingly do not know that politics and religion today have been carefully choreographed for centuries with an ultimate goal of world dominion in the mind of Satan and his schemers.

Is this a crazy "Conspiracy" theory, or a documented and thoroughly-provable historical agenda of power-mad people?

Admittedly, there is a rock-headed segment of society that scorns any reference to an evil conspiracy to rule the world. From so-called conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reily, known-liberals like the Southern Poverty Law Center (scorning Patriot movements), some of the most articulate voices in America make complete mockery of anyone who declares that there is an evil conspiracy to rule the world.

New World Order is immanently more than an innocuous peace-loving international fraternity of nations. It is the very BEAST rising up out of the sea as depicted by John almost 2000 years ago in the Book of Revelation. It will indeed replace nations and nationalism with globalism and one world government BEFORE JESUS CHRIST RETURNS.

See The Dreadful Beast of Daniel 7.

From its early days, New World Order was all about destroying governments, nations and religions.

I provide one simple quote from the late Walter Cronkite to illustrate the mindset of this generation. Cronkite was a powerfully influential globalist who believed world government is absolutely necessary to the survival of civilization. He plainly stated in his book, "If we are to avoid [a World War III] catastrophe, a system of order -- preferably a system of world government -- is mandatory. The proud nations someday will see the light and, for the common good and their own survival, YIELD UP THEIR PRECIOUS SOVEREIGNTY, just as America's colonies did two centuries ago. When we finally come to our senses and ESTABLISH A WORLD EXECUTIVE AND A PARLIAMENT OF NATIONS. ..." [p. 128, A Reporter's Life].

Cronkite's remarks reflect the agenda of the NWO. National sovereignty is destined to fail. And it is likely to come about through the actual FAILURE of NATIONS. With governments crippled and devastated, and failed markets and banks, NWO will be the only remaining entity left to "save the day".

The Mark of the Beast will rise from the ruins of internationally failed economies. VISA/ MasterCard are likely to provide the computer network, because they are publicly billed as the "future of money". But the National Security Agency, with their "Project LUCID" (namesake of Lucifer), will likely administer the New World Order's new identification system, based on the "stigma" inserted computer chip.

At this point, the Verichip Corporation seems most likely to be the manufacturer of the actual mark.

Even though Lucifer is driving the New World Order, Jesus Christ is the real spiritual force driving the eternal future.

Dates and deadlines, kings and kingdoms are unwittingly fulfilling every detail of ancient Bible prophecy. Unwillingly, Lucifer’s partners are running headlong into a prophetic snare from which they will never escape.

Anyone with a general knowledge of the Bible can tell you that the Church of Jesus Christ is God’s agency in the endtime.

Bible prophecy students understand that New World Order is just the completion of the Tower of Babel, and this time, God is coming down to earth to destroy it completely. That is what the Day of the Lord is all about. (See my online articles, "When is the Rapture?" and "The Day of the Lord")

Friend, you and I are watching the final showdown between Lucifer and Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus said to Judas Iscariot, "What thou doest, do quickly," even so, the will of God for this particular time in history is for Lucifer to "have his day". Yes, this really is "the Devil’s Day"!

But don’t forget that as soon as the Devil has had his day, Jesus is going to have HIS day!

The Battle of Armageddon is NOT Bruce Willis flying space ships into meteorites. Armageddon is when Jesus Christ physically returns to earth and DESTROYS the New World Order and the World Ruler (Antichrist) and the False Prophet (Pope) and all the armies that have set out to defeat God’s eternal plan.

If you are unacquainted with the facts about the Luciferic background of Talmudism, Cabalism, Mystery Babylon, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the New World Order and related subjects, I suggest you begin studying them right away. These things WILL affect your future, whether you like it or not.

Even though I have done tons of research on these matters, so far I have not found the time to produce a comprehensive article. In lieu of an article of my own, I URGE you to read this introduction to Mystery Babylon and the New World Order.

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